SHAWNEE—High school students excel in the ministry of worship arts from attending the week-long camp known as Resonate, and this has been happening for the last 10 years.

In 2009, Resonate met for the first time at Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU), and the camp continues to provide opportunities for students to learn more about worship through music, as well as technical arts and song writing. Resonate observed its 10th camp June 24-29 with 157 in attendance, including campers and adult leaders.

And adult leaders have been instrumental in the operations of Resonate, especially ministers of music and church worship leaders.

Resonate celebrates 10 years with help from state worship leaders - Baptist Messenger of Oklahoma 1

James Bradford, minister of music at OKC, Quail Springs, left, leads campers in a rehearsal session of Stomp–percussion performance.

“One of the great things about Resonate is that it’s led by our worship leaders and other personnel from across the state,” said Randy Lind, worship and music ministry specialist for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. Lind served as the choir director for Resonate.

There were 23 faculty members for Resonate, which include James Bradford, Guy Cooper, Chad Drewery, Jonathan Gardner, Brad Henderson, Jason Henson, Lee Hinson, Stuart Jenner, Lance Jones, Micah Jones, Chris Justice, Mason McCormick, Austin McGee, Lynette McKeithan, Hayley Morrison Elizabeth Muzljakovich, Sean Muzljakovich, Rachael Roberson, Aaron Robertson, Marty Spena, Ronda Spena and George Toumayan.

“These guys are all practitioners, and they do an outstanding job,” Lind said. “They are all fine musicians.”

Alan Bandy, OBU associate professor of New Testament and Greek, served as the camp pastor for Resonate.

Resonate also offers a mentor program, allowing college students to be mentors for high school students. Lind said these mentors are the “special sauce” of Resonate because they engage in the lives of the Resonate campers, providing extra support and encouragement.

Resonate celebrates 10 years with help from state worship leaders - Baptist Messenger of Oklahoma 2

Lance Jones, worship and media pastor at Elk City, First, right, leads a praise team rehearsal during Resonate.

Resonate mentors this year were Autumn Morris, Emily Justice, Harmony Dewees, Jarret Corbin, Jeffie Jean Buster, Joshua Claibourn, Rachel Campbell, Rachel Darvin, Steven Thomas and Sydney Coon.

Areas of training during Resonate include choir, orchestra, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, drums, “stomp,” praise band, sign language and vocal. Media and technology is another area of worship arts of which Resonate offers training, which Lind said is a great “hands-on” experience for students.

“On the second day (of camp), they are running the show with an adult advisor over their shoulder,” Lind said about students who participate in media and technology training. “By the end of camp, they are up there by themselves. They learn in a live environment how to run sound, lights and technology.”

After 10 years of camp sessions, Resonate has had many previous campers get involved in worship and music ministry. One story Lind shared from a previous camp involved a student who is the son of a music minister. The student decided after attending Resonate he would change his intended major, as well as his choice of school. He ended up going to OBU and is currently a minister of music.

Resonate celebrates 10 years with help from state worship leaders - Baptist Messenger of Oklahoma 3

Stuart Jenner, left, helps Resonate campers learn about media and technology.

Lind said another Resonate alum will soon graduate from Midwestern Seminary in Kansas City, Mo.

“We know that not everybody is going to be in full-time ministry when they come (to Resonate),” Lind said. “But we train people as they are going to be involved in local ministry. They are equipped to be involved in their churches.”

Lind also emphasized that Resonate is for students of any Oklahoma Baptist church.

“Any church is welcome,” he said. “We do have some large churches, but the participants come from all over the state of Oklahoma. Resonate allows students an opportunity where they can develop their own ‘wings’ to do worship ministry.”

Resound and KidFest

High school students are not the only ones who have an opportunity to attend music camp. Resound is a two-day camp designed for middle students. Randy Holt is the director of Resound, along with his wife Mary and Alex Robison. Resound had 32 campers and leaders in attendance, June 28-29.

KidFest is a state-wide music event for 4th-6th grade student who experience fun sessions of music training, including handbells. Wynn Anne Hook serves as the director of KidFest, along with Susan Haines, Angela Lee, Alisa Snead and Deanne Maynard serving as KidFest faculty. Also meeting June 28-29 at OBU, KidFest had 40 in attendance.

All of the camps concluded Saturday, June 29 with a performance of all camp participants.

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