Shane Pruitt, national next gen director for the North American Mission Board, announced his son Titus died early July 25.

“We are heartbroken, but also joyful. Joyful about him being home in Heaven with Jesus,” Pruitt wrote. “Joyful that he will never again experience seizures, or a wheelchair, or medicines, or crying, or pain, or surgeries or suffering. Joyful that he is finally fully healed and fully alive. Joyful that he is getting to do so many things for the very first time like walk, run, sing and worship the King face to face.”

Pruitt and his wife, Kasi, have five children in addition to Titus. He asked for prayer for the family as they learn a “new normal” without him. “We will be forever grateful for the 10 years the Lord gave us with him,” he said.

God’s healing power

In the days before Titus died, Pruitt posted updates and prayer requests for his son. In a clip from a message last year, he called Titus his “greatest teacher” besides the Holy Spirit.

For years, Pruitt said, his family has asked God to physically heal Titus, believing that one day he will be healed, either on earth or ultimately, in heaven.

“But here’s the great irony of God,” Pruitt said. “Over these last nine years as we’ve been pleading for God to heal our son Titus, God has actually used our son Titus to heal us. Because God has used my son to make me a better follower of Jesus, a better husband, a better father, a better leader, a better friend.

“It’s not always happy feelings, but it is always joy, because we know our God is with us and he has a plan and a purpose and a will that’s greater than anything that we can understand.”

Pruitt spoke during the summer youth weeks at Falls Creek Conference Center. He was the camp speaker for Week One (June 5-9) and Week Five (July 3-7).