Several years ago, I heard a preacher ask a very important question—“What is your story?” It was a challenge for our family to think about our spiritual story of God’s redemptive act in our lives and His faithfulness to us across the years. The question is a very powerful tool for sharing our faith. For those who know Christ as Savior, our stories are filled with His story.

How long has it been since you told someone your story? Have you shared it with your family? Some time ago, as our family was traveling together, I posed that question to the others. To be sure, we had heard each other’s stories before, but with every passing day, each one had become richer. It was a blessing beyond description to hear again about the day our adult children had met Jesus and how He has impacted their lives since. Polla and I told of our childhood conversions and gave examples of God’s faithfulness through the years.

I am convinced that most of us do not realize the power of a testimony simply and naturally shared with others. When other followers of Christ hear us, their own faith is encouraged and strengthened. When we tell unbelievers, the Holy Spirit often uses our stories to open their hearts and point then to our Savior.
On a recent journey to the “land of Lottie,” I was overwhelmed by the tenacity of believers there to share their stories. They wanted everyone to know how they met Jesus and how many they had led to Christ. Every personal account of faith, whether dramatic or simple, lifted my heart and challenged me.

Telling our story paves the way for telling His story. Without the old, old story of Jesus and His love, I would not have a story. When believers combine their personal story with His, it is dynamite in the hands of the Holy Spirit.

At our convention last week, we introduced a new emphasis called MY316. It combines the most quoted and memorized verse in America—and without question in Oklahoma—and our story. I believe it will be the impetus for a powerful move of God among us. It is not a program but a strategy. It is a tool for believers to share their stories with others and lead them to examine the truth of John 3:16 for themselves.

John 3:16 is tremendous because it is focuses on the love of God delivered to Earth through His one and only unique Son. It is the Good News in a bad news world.

Without training or planning, you can tell your story to someone. Why not begin by taking time around the dinner table to tell your kids how you met Jesus and about the difference He has made in your life? It does not matter whether your children are young or adults—ask them to tell you their stories. I promise you, it will have changed since you last heard it because they have walked farther with Christ. In fact, as we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, plan a time to share with family members your personal “MY3:16” stories.

I would challenge you to do the same with people in your sphere of influence. Just say you want to share something very important with them. Whether they are saved or lost, they will be interested in your story.

What’s your story? Share it with someone today.