The Oklahoma legislature passed a very important pro-life bill during the 2008 session. A key feature would require abortion clinics to show a pregnant client an ultrasound of her unborn child before an abortion could be performed. Not surprisingly, abortion providers, having lost the battle in the legislature, have now filed a lawsuit challenging the statute. A district court judge has issued an injunction to be in effect until March 27, thus preventing the law from taking effect.

Abortion clinics often fly under the flag of women’s reproductive rights. They position themselves as the champions of women’s right to choose. Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers would have us believe that they are all about telling the truth to women and giving them compassionate advice.

If that is factual, why do these great bastions of freedom and truth refuse to help a woman consider the full truth about the unborn child she is carrying in her womb? What are the abortion providers so afraid of? Stepahnie Toti, attorney with the Center for Reproductive Rights, which filed the lawsuit, told The Oklahoman the Tulsa clinic provides abortion services to about 200 women a month. She was quoted as saying, “The law violates several provisions of Oklahoma’s constitution, and if it takes effect, it most likely would put Nova Health Systems, their Tulsa clinic, out of business.”

Toti has revealed the truth of the matter. The issue is not compassion, truth, the health of a woman or choice. The “bottom line” is the bottom line. Abortion clinics have one agenda, and that is to make money. There is a fundamental truth here. You can dress a pig in the finest clothes and use makeup, including lipstick, and the pig is still a pig. Abortion is still, and will forever be, about taking the life of the unborn. It is not about choice.

The clinics do not want this law to take effect for a very clear reason. Statistics at pro-life crisis pregnancy clinics show that when abortion-minded clients see an ultrasound, 90 percent of them choose life. Why? Because for the first time they are confronted with reality-they are carrying an unborn child. This is the very fact the abortionists do not want women to understand. If a woman never is faced with reality, the lies of the abortion clinics can be perpetrated unabated.

For nearly 25 years, Oklahoma has allowed abortionists to have their way. Because of term limits, powerful abortion proponents in the Oklahoma House and Senate have been stripped of their positions. We now have pro-life leaders in both parties who have taken as a sacred trust the cause of protection of the unborn. More progress in protecting the unborn and their mothers has been made in the last five or so years than in the last quarter century. Pro-life leaders in our legislature have overridden Gov. Henry’s regular vetoes, and unborn children are now safer.

The future of the new law requiring an ultrasound before an abortion is now in the court’s jurisdiction. That in and of itself is a scary thought. Too many judges today see their responsibility as legislating from the bench, rather than upholding a strict interpretation of the constitution. We can hope that the courts will hold to the most precious of all rights in America-the right to life.

I find it incomprehensible that the unborn’s right to life would be a subject of debate. It is also unbelievable that the lies of abortionists are so easily breathed in by so many. Be assured, clinics like the one in Tulsa have proven they do not have women’s best interests in mind or they would gladly provide ultrasounds so as to fully inform them. Abortion has never been about choice. It is about money-money for the abortionist.