Recently, I attended a banquet to raise support for Oklahoma Baptist Hope Pregnancy Centers. From one center, nearly 32 years ago, we have grown to five centers. These centers offer hope and love to women and men who are dealing with crisis pregnancies. This ministry is offered free to all, and it is a frontline ministry in the battle for the unborn.

A few days ago, I listened to my friend, Al Mohler, describe a remarkable surgery done to correct spina bifida on an unborn child of 24 months gestation in the mother’s womb. This is remarkable by any measure and, perhaps more appropriately, described as a miracle.

Yet, in America, the child in the womb is open game for abortionists. While on the one hand, we stand amazed and applaud the work of these surgeons who performed an incredible surgery on an unborn baby, then on the other hand, many people fight to protect the right to kill this same child in the mother’s womb. America is schizophrenic!

Frankly, the whole abortion debate has moved closer and closer to being nothing but a decision of choice rather than of science. Medical science is clear—the only thing separating a child in the womb and one outside the womb is maturation. I assure you that with every discovery regarding the unborn child in the womb, biblical truth and the accompanying pro-life position finds affirmation.

The choice is not the removal of pregnancy matter or the elimination of an inconsequential problem, and it is not a choice simply about the mother’s body. The choice is about the life of an unborn child and the decision to end a pregnancy and, thus, the life of the unborn child through medical or surgical abortion—not a potential child, but a child.

The fact is this is an unborn child, which is why we cannot keep silent about the unborn and why we must continue to fight on every front to protect these children.

We, in Oklahoma, have seen tremendous progress in protection of the unborn. Our executive and legislative government leaders are pro-life and have passed some 16 bills to protect the unborn in recent years. Unfortunately, a large number of these have been struck down by the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Be assured the “death to the unborn” crowd are aggressively recruiting and training people to lobby the legislature. At the heart of this movement is the largest abortion provider in America—Planned Parenthood. Know this, abortionists are not about care for women, but money made by destroying the life of their unborn children.

Two years ago, there were only two abortion facilities in Oklahoma. Today, we have four death chambers for the unborn with another one reported to open soon. In the past, Planned Parenthood has not done abortions in Oklahoma. With new leadership, Planned Parenthood is reportedly preparing a death chamber for the unborn in Oklahoma City.

What are we to do? Stay alert. Stay diligent. We can never become complacent. Our battle is with the enemy of the soul who comes to steal, kill and destroy. We must stay engaged through Rose Day and all throughout the legislative session. We must pray. There is no substitute for prayer.

As for me, I am still convinced the greatest impact is found at the 39 pro-life pregnancy centers across Oklahoma. I am proud that we, as Baptists, have five of these centers, and many of the others have strong Baptist support and involvement. All the centers operate on shoestring budgets.

Abortionists charge for services. Pregnancy Centers provide services for free, laced in love. These centers need our financial support. They need volunteers, men and women, who demonstrate love and grace to those in crisis.

We can wring our hands, fret and complain. Or, we can pony up, write a check, and give ourselves in battle for the unborn.