Dakota Meyer was a name known only to family and friends. All of that changed last week when President Obama presented Dakota Meyer the Medal of Honor. This 23-year-old Marine defied commanding officers and made five trips into the face of enemy fire to rescue fellow Marines and the Afghan soldiers they were training. His motivation for such heroism and brave action was based on one simple principle—you never leave a fellow Marine behind. His courageous action saved 36 men.

I am convinced there is a deep need for Christian husbands and fathers to courageously stand up to the enemy of our families. These are days filled with enemy fire from Satan and the demons of hell. They seek to catch men and their families in the crossfire. The destructive forces of hell have unloaded the arsenal against our marriages and families. The time has come for us to draw a line and do whatever it takes to protect our families from the enemy.

For this reason, I challenge every husband and father to make their way to a theater to view the film “Courageous.” I have had the privilege to see the film twice and will see it again. It is incredibly entertaining and powerfully inspirational. It has you in stitches one minute and moved to tears the next.

“Courageous” depicts ordinary men who face some very difficult and heart-wrenching life experiences. The characters in the movie come face to face with their failures and challenges to be the fathers God intends for them to be. They make some courageous choices that are tested by real life experiences.

I love the film because it rises above the often cheesy, predictable approach of Christian films. The movie “Courageous” need not take a back seat to multimillion-dollar films of Hollywood—remarkable when you consider it was produced by a Baptist church and volunteer actors.

The message and challenge of the movie is clear. It is time that men stand up and fight for their families. Better yet, this film shows how that looks in real life.

The main characters in the movie are law enforcement officers. I am pleased that some of our churches are buying tickets to give to law enforcement and other first responders. Others are buying out nights at theaters so church members can invite dads to join them. I hope your church will use this film as a means for outreach.

Courageous will be a great night out for your whole family. Just make sure you take some tissues. Yes, that means you, tough guy! You will need them.

Anthony L. Jordan is executive director-treasurer of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.