It’s that time of year again. The summer has flown by, and now our kids and grandkids are heading back to school. The sound of music is in the air as bands take the practice field. Cheering can be heard on school lawns, where cheerleaders prepare to lead the charge for their teams. And football players are in the midst of two-a-days in the sweltering heat of summer to steel them against the tough game situations that will follow.

I have often written about the influence of godly teachers and professors and the difference they can make in the lives of our children. Almost every year I remind us of the tremendous mission field awaiting them in the schools. I am thankful for these wonderful servants of the Lord who love their students and seek to teach them high morals and exemplary conduct as well as the subject matter at hand. I challenge you to make a daily practice of praying for your student’s teacher or teachers.

For students in middle school or high school, participating in a FISH club (Focus, Inspiration, Share, Hook) is a great way to connect with other Christians on campus. These clubs are designed for prayer, Bible study, encouragement to stay true to the Word and evangelism. FISH clubs have already been established on many Oklahoma campuses, but if there is not one at your child’s school then I encourage you contact Cris Lowery at the BGCO offices. He would love to help your student and their friends start a club.

National statistics tell us that the church loses an astronomical number of Christian students when they go away to college. This doesn’t need to happen. There is a Baptist Collegiate Ministry in close proximity to nearly every college campus in Oklahoma. Most are located in buildings adjacent to the campus.

The BCM gives students a connection to other Christian students and provides myriad opportunities for worship, spiritual growth and discipleship. Baptist Collegiate Ministries stands as a beacon in the midst of pagan philosophy and culture that dominates many campuses, and it offers students the privilege of being involved with others who love Christ.

BCM provides a great place for ministry and missions. It is not just about impacting the people who come to BCM but also about leading students to actively live out their faith in the university context. The BCM is a mission organization that challenges students to be on mission in their community and to the ends of the Earth. Many of our pastors and missionaries participated in BCM or Baptist Student Union, as it was known in the past.

I pray this will be a great year for both students and teachers. It can be if we pray and encourage our students to connect with people who will challenge them to stay true to their Savior and Lord.