Summer is approaching, and our conference center team is moving into full press. In fact, in just a couple of weeks, the women’s and men’s retreats will be held at Falls Creek. It takes an enormous amount of work to prepare our camps for the summer season.

This past week, I visited both CrossTimbers and Falls Creek. Here is an update on both locations that might be of interest to you.

The new CrossTimbers in Davis was buzzing with activity. Volunteers from several churches were there during spring break. The camp looks incredible, and will be even better by the time the summer season begins. Major remodeling of one building will provide much-needed meeting space. Buildings are getting touch-up paint and being thoroughly cleaned. CrossTimbers will look amazing by the time we hold the dedication on May 21.

The ropes course is being built and will be a major addition to the recreation activities at the new CrossTimbers. The staff has cleared space for the building of a swimming pool. Old buildings have been removed, and the grounds are very inviting. A beautiful new wood and rock fence runs the full frontage of the camp.

I predict CrossTimbers will reach its capacity in the next couple of years. The camp is a remarkable addition to our camping ministry, and will double attendance from the McAlester property. Speaking of the former location, the 500-plus-acre campground is now listed for sale, and is a great piece of property that could be used for a camp, hunting facility or private retreat.

Several improvements have been made at Falls Creek. While not exciting to discuss, the sewer system has been greatly improved with the replacement of lines throughout the camp and a new wastewater treatment facility. In September, the final phase of improvements in this system will begin with the building of the lagoon. The old lagoon will be reclaimed, adding more level land for recreation.

The new water treatment plant will be operational before summer camp. The water supply is from a spring in the mountain. Even though there has always been enough water, even in the drought years, the new water treatment plant provides new levels of safety.

Having the physical grounds at our camps ready requires hours of work by staff and hundreds of volunteers. They work hard to prepare our camps for thousands to enjoy and to eliminate every distraction that would keep the campers from encountering the Lord.

With the physical preparation in full swing, the most important preparation is still needed. The secret of Falls Creek and CrossTimbers is prayer. We could have the most beautiful grounds and facilities, but if we do not ask for the presence and power of God during the events, our camps are no different than an amusement park.

So it’s time to raise a legion of prayer warriors who will pray for leaders, attendees, and staff. Prayer is the difference between a good camp and a great camp where children, teens and adults have their lives transformed by the power of God. Join me in praying for the greatest summer ever at CrossTimbers and Falls Creek.