Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to walk with the New Testament followers of Christ? Or to observe firsthand the move of the Gospel that followed Pentecost when the disciples and other followers of Christ took the Gospel into the pagan Roman Empire and saw an amazing response? How amazing it would have been to watch seemingly total pagans have the Savior walk by and call them to walk with Him, and they did!

I wish you could walk with me in East Asia. You would see New Testament happenings that would light up your heart with great joy. I just returned from a trip where several Oklahoma Christian business leaders conducted business forums around values and character. In each forum, the leaders shared about their businesses and practices. With powerful demonstration of Holy Spirit anointing, these business leaders revealed how their faith has transformed their lives and businesses. The results were like the days of the apostles.

The questions asked by the participants during discussion times gave opportunity to dynamically witness for Christ. In almost every case, both non-religious and religious (Buddhist primarily), participants asked for clarification regarding the exclusivity of the Gospel and Jesus as the only way. East Asia Christian leaders were hungry to understand how to apply their faith. While it is mind blowing to us, the majority of believers in this large East Asian country are new believers. An “old believer” has only been a Christian for five to eight years.

Each night, at the end of our seminars, there was opportunity for people to turn to faith in Christ. When our time in East Asia was completed, more than 30 people had made open commitments to Christ. Many of them were high net worth leaders and executives in companies. These new followers of Christ will have a major impact for the Gospel because they are leaders of thousands of East Asians.

I stood in awe each time we offered the gift of salvation. Buddhists, and those with no faith at all, readily and sincerely repented of sin and embraced the Savior through faith in Christ. One night, a television personality came to Christ. Some workers in the venue where we held our meal came to Christ. One of the young persons who accepted Jesus came from a Buddhist background and faced immediate pressure from her family to give up her newfound faith.

Last year, a very prominent business leader started the whole process of open invitations to Jesus by coming to my table and telling me he wanted to be saved. I was overwhelmed with joy and opened the invitation to others. That night, 13 people came to the Savior. That same prominent business leader returned to our seminar this year and testified of great joy and impact of the Gospel in his life.

In one of the cities, we enjoyed lunch in the home of a businessman who is a committed follower of Christ. Our translator brought a man to me who identified himself as the police chief. His question was simple, “Can you tell me how to be saved?” He told me of a Christian mother who prayed for him and witnessed to him throughout his life. I led him to repent and believe. His life was transformed by the power of the Gospel that day. He will never be the same.

Sadly, it has been years since anyone in America has walked up to me and said, “Can you tell me how to be saved?” However, it is clear the Holy Spirit is moving in this large East Asian country. It is so exciting to be a part of His work. Oklahoma Baptists are there.