What are we going to do with our time now? The election is complete, and we have a new president-elect, congress, legislature and everything in between. We have spent 21 months inundated by our national pastime-politics. We have been promised everything under the sun by people in both parties. Some were saying what they perceived to be the words needed to get themselves elected. Others were well-meaning and genuinely believed they had the right answers to all the ills of our nation.

Governmental leaders and policies make a difference in our lives. They can either hurt or help. Tax, financial, military and regulatory policies all impact our lives in very real ways. As of today (I am writing this prior to Election Day) the future seems cloudy with huge storms looming on the horizon. Whoever is chosen as the next president is faced with challenges unprecedented in American history.

In times like these I am glad to have a Father Who is not shaken by the storms and an Elder Brother Who can step out on the side of the boat and send the winds and waves into the distance with not so much as a whimper. While who we elect to office is important, it is not all- important. The most significant decision in life is who will be your Lord. When you are a child of the King of Glory, all of life can be viewed from a purposeful vantage point. I am convinced there are some truths that transcend the election. Take heart, child of God.

God still reigns. There is One Who sits on a regal throne-not in an oval office. He is the Sovereign Lord of the universe. He is not shaken by elections, war or economic collapse. His heavenly bank account has not been diminished by the economic downturn, nor has His herd of cattle on a thousand hills been impacted. He holds the rulers of this world in the palm of His hand. More importantly, His children are in His Almighty hands and nothing can remove them.

America still needs revival. While all of us selfishly hope for a quick economic recovery, the greatest need is not financial but spiritual. Our nation is more bankrupt spiritually than economically. The most destructive force in our nation is the decay of morals and the blatant rejection of the Holy God of Heaven Who has sent His Son for our salvation. The church itself has become carnal, temporally focused and spiritually impotent in the face of demonic forces of evil. We stay huddled in our comfortable pews while lost people plunge into hell without warning or personal witness. Nothing short of a Heaven sent, hell binding, sin abating, spirit filling revival will move the church from focus on “us” rather than “HIM” and “THEM.”

People need to be financially responsible. The Bible is the most powerful and clear book on economics to be found. God’s people need to be responsible in handling the resources God gives them. First, recognize that your job, paycheck and worldly goods are a gifts from God. He is owner and you are steward. Second, a good rule of thumb is to give 10 percent to the church and save 10 percent off the top each month. Third, Christian financial leaders have long encouraged people to have at least $1,000 in an emergency fund and work to have at least three months living expenses in savings. Fourth, eliminate debt! When economic catastrophes happen, people who have no debt are in a strong position to weather the storm.

Pray for our leaders. Paul made it very plain that we are to pray for those in government who are over us. Whether or not we like our leaders, they need our prayer support.

We have elected a new president. May God guide him. In the end, my faith is in the God of Heaven, my Savior and my King.