I recently returned from a journey to the Land of Lottie with 19 pastors and leaders from Oklahoma. With rare exception, our teams had to work covertly to reach, teach, preach and worship. That vast land is devoid of the freedoms we enjoy in America. The people there never worry about the political process and choosing the people for whom they will vote. Propaganda, not political speeches, is the order of the day. Elections are a distant dream, and the notion of being able to choose those who would lead their nation and enact laws that determine the quality of life is a mere figment of the imagination.

I never leave our great country without realizing how exceedingly thankful I am to be a citizen of the greatest free nation on Earth and in world history. These trips abroad cause me to reflect on the liberty we enjoy and, for the most part, take for granted. One of our greatest freedoms is the right to engage in the political process and cast a vote for those who will lead us.

While it is a biblical responsibility and always important to pray regarding our governmental leaders, there is perhaps no time more significant for the exercise of this discipline than during the election process. The people we will elect Nov. 2 will set the course for our state and nation for many years to come. It is essential that we elect those who hold to the cherished Judeo-Christian principles that have been the hallmark of America. We desperately need men and women at every level of government who will make wise decisions so we may live in peace and security.

It is for this reason that BGCO prayer and spiritual awakening specialist Gregory Frizzell has called us to 40 days of intense prayer leading up to election day 2010. He has prepared a brochure that will help us pray with purpose and focus. This guide will help center our prayers on the needs of our nation and for wisdom in choosing godly leaders.

What a privilege! We can seek the face of Holy God for America. We can cry out to Him for godly leaders. We have the honor of coming before the throne of Almighty God to stand as watchmen on the wall to seek Him for revival and spiritual awakening. I am convinced there is no time so crucial as this hour in American history. The Judeo-Christian fabric is very fragile, and we must elect leaders who will not waver in standing for right.

I want to add my voice to that of Frizzell in calling us to prayer for America and the election that is fast approaching. To view or download the five-page brochure, visit www.bgco.org/5683 and click on Prayers for Revival and Elections—Condensed Forty Day Journey. I encourage every reader and every church to take advantage of this resource and give focused attention to fervent, powerful prayer for our country and the election.

Let’s use these next 40 days to bow before the throne of God in a unified voice for the land we love. He will heal, forgive and restore us if we will humble ourselves. He will give us leaders after His heart if we pray. Join me in Forty Days of Prayer for America.