Webster declares something absurd when it is laughably inconsistent with what is judged as true or reasonable. There are many issues that rise to the absurd in our nation, but three of them have reached the highest level of absurdity in recent days.

Consider the trial of the Philadelphia abortion “doctor” (in quotes because it is hard to call an abortionist a doctor). This “doctor” is accused of killing babies who were born alive. Members of his staff testified of his actions, and some of them admitted to killing unborn children themselves. The procedure is called late-term abortion—it is by any name murder. The doctor and his assistants would snip the spinal cord of children delivered alive.

The absurdity comes at two points. First, the defense attorneys played the race card suggesting that the doctor was being prosecuted solely because he is African American. Second, the media has almost unilaterally ignored the trial. If you were to read the testimony in the trial, you would become nauseated and find yourself broken by the cruel treatment of children who were heartlessly murdered after birth. But the media has, in large part, kept silent in regard to the facts of the case. It seems one would not want to taint the abortion industry. Our culture of death sees the unborn, or recently born, as non-human—absurdity at the highest level.

Just as egregious was President Obama’s appearance before the Planned Parenthood convention. He was the first sitting president to give such prestigious support of this organization, which is the number one abortion provider in America. His words bordered on the absurd. He chose to speak in veiled terms of women’s health when clearly referring to abortion. He refused to speak of abortion, but rather denigrated those who fight to protect the unborn by suggesting we want to go back to the 50s. In regard to protection of the unborn, he is right. He is clearly a pro-abortion politician. Say what you will, pro-abortion is equal to a position of pro-death.

Last, but not least, is the absurd decision by a judge making the morning after pill available to 15-year-olds without parental consent. The administration applauded this decision. Many believe this may well provide the path for children of any age being able to walk up to a counter in the drug store and purchase the morning after pill like buying an aspirin. Parents have no right to be involved in such a personal decision? Absurd!

There is a move in both political parties to marginalize moral issues such as abortion and homosexuality. These parties may be on the right track to gain a greater following, but this approach will never be right. Those of us who hold to biblical truth cannot, and will not, sacrifice truth on the altar of political expediency.

Abortion is a sentence of death to the unborn. Life is sacred to our God. When the Bible speaks on moral issues, we will speak and stand.

When the absurd becomes the rule, we will not bow to the absurd. Period. Exclamation point!