The Southern Baptist Convention’s National African American Fellowship’s (NAAF) inaugural spring board meeting on March 24, followed by a Sunday School training event March 25-26, are set to take place at the Baptist Building in Oklahoma City.

Mark Croston Lifeway’s national director of Black church ministries, will be a keynote speaker at the NAAF ‘Big Results’ Sunday School Training.

According to Walter Wilson, African American ministry partner for Oklahoma Baptists, the events will include times of fellowship, teaching, preaching, prayer and more.

“Oklahoma Baptists are honored to host these important events, and we pray the Lord continues to move in mighty ways through our fellowship and the whole SBC,” Wilson said.

According to Wilson, NAAF’s board is comprised of 22 state fellowship presidents and 11 officers. The board will formally meet on Thursday, March 24.

Frank I. Williams, pastor of Wake-Eden, N.Y., Community Baptist, is serving as NAAF president. David Hooks, pastor of Oklahoma City, Bryant Avenue, is president of the Oklahoma African American Fellowship.

Then on Friday, March 25, Mark Croston, national director of Black church ministries with Lifeway Christian Resources, will lead a “Big Results” Sunday School training. The event will kick off with a special meeting with pastors. That evening, Williams will host “A Kingdom Conversation,” along with Major Jemison, pastor of Oklahoma City, St. John; Lee Cooper, pastor of Oklahoma City, Prospect; and Calvin Miller, pastor of Stillwater, Mt. Zion.

Highlights of the meeting’s schedule include inspirational gatherings with Todd Fisher, executive director-treasurer of Oklahoma Baptists, offering a greeting. Breakout sessions will cover topics such as “Kingdom Agenda,” “Leading an Effective Women’s Ministry,” “Breathing Life into Sunday School,” “Children for Big Results,” “Know Your Context,” “Overcoming Drama of Pandemic Trauma” and “Grow Your Team.”

Wilson said this event was originally scheduled for March 2020 but was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am so glad we’re able to host this event,” Wilson said. “It is being offered to all 70 Oklahoma Baptist African American churches’ Sunday School leadership.”

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