SHAWNEE—Todd Fisher, executive director-treasurer for Oklahoma Baptists, presented a check of $10,600 Thursday, May 11, on behalf of Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief for 106 Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) students displaced by the EF-2 tornado that struck the campus on April 19.

Heath Tucker, center, and Todd Fisher meet with a foreman who is involved with the repairs of the buildings on the OBU campus. Photos by Paul Bross

Fisher presented the check to OBU President Heath A. Thomas for those students who had notified the university that they had been displaced by the tornado.

Fisher explained that in the event of a natural disaster, Oklahoma Baptists often help a church and its members if they have experienced damage to their church or homes. This often helps off-set insurance deductibles.

“We thought it would be nice if we could just give each student who had notified OBU that they had been displaced, a small token of support,” he said. “So, we decided we could give $100 to each student. Again, that’s a small token I’m sure for what some of them lost. But more than that, it is just an expression by us that we support them, love them and are grateful that they are a part of OBU.”

Fisher and Thomas tour Shawnee Hall as it is going through structural repairs.

Fisher added that this is also an expression of Oklahoma Baptists support of OBU in general.

“Of course, we sent Disaster Relief teams here to help with all the trees and the cleanup, and we fed people,” he said. “But we wanted to go a step beyond what we normally do and just try to support these students.”

Fisher, who is a 1992 graduate of OBU and formerly the longtime pastor of Shawnee, Immanuel, said it was an emotional experience to see Raley Chapel, Shawnee Hall and other buildings immediately after the tornado. However, he said it was also emotional to see the response.

“It is amazing just to see how Oklahoma Baptists can come together just to help people, all the time,” Fisher said. “We get to help and share the Gospel. It gives us a great opportunity to point people to Jesus while we help them with physical needs.”