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Messenger Insight 290 – Laura Perry

From Transgender to Transformed

Hear how God transformed the life of Laura Perry, who spent nearly 10 years living as a transgender male.


Author: Staff

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  • Priscilla Guerra

    Wow! Praise God! Praying for you this morning, Laura. I rejoice in what the Lord has done – like you said, it wasn’t just a physical transformation, but it was heart that was submitted to her LORD. You followed Christ as were called to in Luke 9:23.

    My experience differs from yours – I never identified as the opposite sex – but I too walked in rebellion, denied God, and lived my life by my own standard. But God, who is rich in grace, and who loved us, saved me! Thank you to you and your family for sharing of the good things that the Lord has done! Psalm 116 has been my prayer and praise; read it and may it cause you to praise Him!

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