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Mark Dever on “The Trellis and the Vine”

I have been reading The Trellis and The Vine; The Ministry Mind Shift That Changes Everything. I am thoroughly enjoying it and have found it to be compelling in its argumentation to rethink, or mentally shift the way ministry should be thought about in order to grow disciple-making disciples of Christ. I know that all sorts of people recommend must-read books, but I thought it was worth mentioning Mark Dever’s comments about the book. Dever has written several books himself on ministry and healthy churches, which makes me take The Trellis and the Vine seriously when he says:

“This is the best book I have read on the nature of church ministry. What I am I giving my life to? Church ministry. What is the best book I have read on church ministry? This one. I don’t know of a better book to encourage you to look at than this one. The Trellis and the Vine.”

Below is the video this quote came from. The video of Dever also gives an illustration of the content within the pages of the book. There are a lot of books to be read, and many of them good, but I agree with Dever that this is one of the best about church ministry.

Brent Prentice

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  • Chad Kaminski

    Not really rocket science, is it.

  • Brent

    True. I think the hard part is getting started because it takes time to “train” people and shift the mindset by seeing it modeled. Discipleship (life on life) doesn’t happen over night. Events can happen in a few days or hours, discipleship is a life-long process. Most people are so program driven they can’t possible conceive what it is like to engage people without having a position or an event to help them do it. I recently had a conversation with a friend who told me he was trying to get people to engage in personal (life on life) discipleship and a very well-meaning person said to him, “How do we do that?” This is conjecture, but I think what the person meant was, “What is the program we are going to use to do this? What are the steps?” On a positive note: I am encouraged by a lot of what I am reading on this website about “making disciples” as it relates to the scope of the Great Commission.

    • Chad Kaminski

      I was reading our SWBTS Journal, one article, if I understood it correctly, seemed to communicate that the entire church experience (when done “correctly”) was discipleship. I suspect I would say that the whole church experience is a piece of the discipleship process, but I really l what Dever described, which certainly seems to follow the “Christ” model of discipleship a bit more literally.

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