Some time ago, at the first African American Fellowship service, I had the privilege to preach a sermon titled, “What Can We Do With A Blind Society” (John 9). I shared with those in attendance that it seems the world has become so self absorbed that no one cares about the people whom society has discarded.

My home church pastor told us, “We should never become so Heavenly minded that we become no earthly good.”

For years, both the Southern Baptist Convention and the National Baptist Convention have boasted about their mission work around the world. The National Baptists go under the banner of giving to its own Foreign Mission Board, and the Southern Baptists operate under the banner of giving through the Cooperative Program.

Sharing the Gospel around the world is a noble cause, and there have been thousands of souls led into the Kingdom because of the awesome work of many dedicated missionaries. But as I travel around our state, I wonder, have we been laboring in the wrong vineyard?

I’m left to ponder what did Jesus really mean when He said go to Jerusalem first before you go into the uttermost parts of the world. I think He meant conquer your corner before you try to conquer the world.

Jesus said, “The poor you will have with you always,” but I feel the church is overlooking the chance to help the helpless because it’s too busy being and not doing. There are hurting, wounded and dying humanity all around us.

You have but to walk out your door or visit any street corner to see the discarded and disenfranchised people whom society has thrown away. After all these years, it’s a shame that people are still being judged by the tint of their skin or the tone of their voice.

I’ve found a lot of our churches are almost dead because they exhibit the likeness of a morgue—cold and quiet, just existing—when the Word of God tells us we are to make a joyful noise.

God’s church is to be red hot with the fervent prayers of the righteous. As Oklahoma Baptists, we have been commissioned to: seek the Hand of God, seek the will of God, and seek to see things through the eyes of God.

In John 9 Jesus said this man was blind from birth, and He healed him, but the man didn’t just receive his physical sight back; this man received salvation.

1. His blindness brought him misery

2. His blindness brought him ministry

3. But most of all, his blindness brings us a message

Brothers and sisters, we are called to lead this wicked, blind and ungodly society to the God who declares He is the Way, the Truth and the Light.