Christian singer/songwriter Dennis Jernigan (or as he calls himself “song receiver”) has written a new book titled “Renewing Your Mind: Identity and the Matter of Choice,” which became available on Amazon Aug. 1.

“Walking out of an identity of homosexuality some 36 years ago, the most asked question of my life has been, ‘Was your healing instant or has it been a process?’” Jernigan said. “Of course the answer is ‘Yes!’ In an instant I was born again into a brand new identity. I was instantly alive in Christ… but was not yet fully free. It has also been a process. The process God led me down—which He still leads me down—has been one of learning to recognize the lies I have believed about myself.”

Many of Jernigan’s songs are sung weekly in churches around the world such as “You are My All in All,” “Great is the Lord Almighty,” “Who Can Satisfy My Soul (There is a Fountain),” “Nobody Fills My Heart Like Jesus” and others, but Jernigan also has ministered to many who battle same-sex attraction as well as other thought and lifestyle struggles. This is why he wrote “Renewing Your Mind.”

“To answer the myriads of people who contact me for how I was able to accomplish my freedom, I wrote this concise book detailing much of the process I practice,” Jernigan said. “What I am trying to say is this book is for everyone regardless of their thought-struggle.”

Amazon lists the book for $13.95. Visit and search “Renewing Your Mind Dennis Jernigan” to order the book.

“Dennis Jernigan’s latest book, ‘Renewing Your Mind,’ is a symphony of love from a heart that has been transformed by Jesus Christ,” said Christopher Doyle, executive director of Institute for Healthy Families.

“In our broken world, we are too often influenced by secular culture’s false constructs of outward beauty, pleasure, power and success,” Doyle continued. “In Jernigan’s book, he reminds us of the important truth of who God says we are, and how we can renew our minds to embrace an identity as a child of a loving Heavenly Father. Through his own personal trials of overcoming brokenness and pain, Jernigan’s wisdom shines through in his inspirational story of healing. Both practical and spiritually-rich, ‘Renewing Your Mind’ is a must-read for Christians seeking hope and healing for sexual and relational brokenness.”

Discounted bulk orders can be made through Innovo Publishing’s online system by emailing or by calling 888/546-2111. Jernigan also is available to speak with church groups. Contact Anne Kay at or 918/685-2268.