Trevor Bulls has served in full-time ministry for 22 years. He served as the youth pastor and then family pastor at Guymon, First for 13 years, and he has been the lead pastor at Boise City, First for the past nine years.

In 2018, the Baptist Messenger featured an article on Bulls and how Boise City, First confronted “brokenness” of drug use in their community with an enhanced vision for evangelism.

“With drug abuse comes a whole new level of brokenness—issues from marriage breakdowns to young kids getting in trouble, to all kinds of problems,” Bulls said in the previous article. “I have tried to make it a point to speak to the reality of what we see going on in our community.”

Boise City, First continues to embrace brokenness in trying to find other ways to connect with people.

“We keep our eyes open for opportunities to love, serve and help in broken situations,” Bulls said. “As a church, we have adopted a mindset that we are not afraid to try a new ministry. We are presently placing an increased emphasis on personal evangelism and discipleship, seeking to encourage and equip church members to engage their neighbors with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Bulls and Boise City, First also knows how important it is that they remain faithful supporters of the Cooperative Program (CP). Located in the Oklahoma Panhandle, this committed church understands the impact they are making in many facets of ministry through CP giving.

“We are in a very isolated part of Oklahoma,” Bulls said. “It makes connecting with others ministering challenging. The Cooperative Program enables our church to be a part of training pastors in seminaries, sending missionaries around the world and planting new churches. We are grateful to be a part of Oklahoma Baptists and to advance the Gospel in our state and around the world.”