Kenny Mossman worked in college athletics for nearly 40 years. Twenty of those years were at the University of Oklahoma in administrative roles.

Last year, Mossman made a major career change and currently serves as pastor of Carnegie, First. He’s experienced many ministry opportunities in his first year as a pastor. Last summer, Carnegie, First had a revival and saw many people make life-changing decisions for Christ.

“One of the best aspects of revival is the unity it promotes among the body,” Mossman said. “By coming together for several days, we enhanced that sense of community that molds a church into a team. Few things are more encouraging to a pastor than to see that kind of atmosphere in a church.”

Mossman appreciates how supporting the Cooperative Program (CP) is another way that promotes unity at Carnegie, First.

“We’re located in a small, rural community, but because of the CP, we’re not bound by size or location,” he said. “When we see news of a missionary working in a foreign land or a disaster relief team restoring communities and lives, we feel blessed to be part of those efforts. That has always been one of the advantages of the CP, but it means even more to me now in our current church.

“(Our people) want to be engaged in a wide variety of ministries in many different places, and they have the genuine sense that they’re being used by God in important Kingdom work right here in Oklahoma and all over the world.”