Duncan Blackwell was called to serve as pastor of Elk City, First on April 24, 2022. Before that, he was pastor of Anadarko, Bethel for four years.

Blackwell remembers the first time he delivered a sermon. Pastor Tim Emmons gave him the opportunity at Prague, First, the church where Blackwell was “saved, called and licensed.” He said he “immediately felt right at home” when he stood in the pulpit.

He was asked about the churches where he has served and how they have made an impact in their respective communities. Blackwell said the common denominator with all the churches is God’s Word.

“I would like to say that we have employed some unique strategy or program,” he said. “In reality, our ministry team just tries to lean on God’s Word, and we pray for the Holy Spirit to apply it appropriately.”

Elk City, First has witnessed 40 baptisms in the past year. Blackwell said the congregation has been obedient to the Lord by advancing the Gospel and discipling people. He has seen evident spiritual growth throughout the church.

“To see a life, which has been largely unmarked by the fruit of the Spirit, gradually fall under the direction of the hand of God is like rain on the horizon of western Oklahoma—refreshing!” he said.

Blackwell commended how Elk City, First faithfully supports Cooperative Program giving. He said the church believes “the Cooperative Program is a vital piece of Christ’s vision for His church.”

“Through the Cooperative Program, every local church, regardless of attendance, staff size or location in the community has the opportunity to expand their Gospel ministry.”