Brock Hardin has served in full-time ministry since 2005. From 2005-17, he was the student pastor at Heavener, First and has been the pastor of the church for six years.

Hardin enjoys leading worship and has done so at several camps, revival meetings and youth activities over the years. He said his deepest desire is to serve the Lord in whatever capacity He permits.

Heavener, First has developed into a church that is vibrant in sharing the Gospel, and in the past 16 years, this faithful body has witnessed people make professions of faith in Christ. Hardin said a few things have contributed to this spiritual success at the church.

“A desire to pray for the lost is the first,” Hardin said, when explaining Heavener, First’s being effective in evangelism. “We make it a priority to constantly be praying for the salvation of our lost neighbors.

“Second, we stick to the practice of holding two or even three revival services each year,” Hardin continued. “Third, we deliberately make obvious Gospel invitations in our student and children’s ministries. Lastly, we encourage our Sunday School classes to host event and practice evangelism. By God’s grace, we have had success in evangelism.”

Hardin said giving through the Cooperative Program is another method his church can spread the Gospel.

“Through the Cooperative Program, our money supports evangelistic efforts in our wonderful state as well as in remote parts of the world where the majority of us will not have the opportunity to travel,” he said. “The Cooperative Program is essential to the Gospel reaching the ends of the earth and enables us to increase our evangelistic reach.”