RICHMOND, Va.—The International Mission Board (IMB) will host another virtual Sending Celebration to allow Southern Baptists to collectively rejoice in 33 missionaries being sent to the nations.

Oklahoma Baptists have one missionary participating in the commissioning event. Zoe Langford (name changed for security) will be serving in Europe.

The virtual event will be on Feb. 3 at 6:30 p.m. CST on imb.orgFacebook live or on the IMB Advance the Kingdom app. Find more information and prayer cards at

Missionaries in February 2021 Sending Celebration by state (as available on 1/20/2021)
*Names changed for security
With open security personnel, churches and cities have been identified.

John Frank* to Central Asia

Rachel Brighton* to Central Asia

Joe and Elizabeth Blandeburgo to Southeast Asia (Newark, Del., Ogletown)

David and Ashley* to Central Asia
Shawn and Cassandra* to Southeast Asia
Henry and Lara Buckman* to Southeast Asia

Beth and John* to Central Asia
Joseph and Grace Ma* to Europe

Eric and Lauren Coale to Europe (Arnold, Mo., First)

North Carolina
Daniel and Tara Rice to East Asia (Wake Forest, N.C., North Wake)
Drew and Brooke Tucker to Europe (Huntersville, N.C., Christ Community)
Matthew and Heather Hirt to Sub-Saharan Africa (Hendersonville, N.C., Bethel)

Zoe Langford* to Europe

South Carolina
Samantha* to Northern Africa and the Middle East

Scott and Emma* to Central Asia

Matt and Chelsea Bowen to American Peoples, open security (Burleson, Texas, Cana)
Charles and Greta* to Sub-Saharan Africa

Washington, D.C.
Jacob and Catherine Taylor*