RED OAK—As the 2016 hunting season unfolds, Red Oak, First celebrated “Guns & Gravy 4.0” on Sun., Nov. 13 with more than 200 sports enthusiasts attending.

Trevor Hill, received a plaque for Murl Looper for “Biggest Buck.”

Trevor Hill, received a plaque for Murl Looper for “Biggest Buck.”

The evening began with deer, hog and bird mounts being placed on the walls of the church’s fellowship hall. Turkeys, bobcats and an otter mount were found in the church’s Life Impact Center as well as more deer horns.

“It was great!” Pastor Johnny Montgomery said about the fourth-annual event. “Red Oak’s Children’s Minister Cole Bryce really made it all come together with the help of our members. It was a first–class event, complete with great food, door prizes and plaques.”

Biscuits and gravy (white and chocolate) were served as attendees enjoyed a time of fun and fellowship. Montgomery presented a Gospel message.

Drawing for door prizes was a highlight as lots of items had been donated for the event. Darryl Edwards of Sycamore Creek Taxidermy near Whitesboro provided three, $350 certificates for mounts for door prizes.

Mike Crose won a plaque for the “Most Unique” mount. Darryl Edwards won a plaque for the “Coolest Mount” of an otter. Murl Looper won the “Biggest Buck” plaque.

“We had a great time,” added Montgomery. “I love this church! We do a lot ‘outside the box’ to reach our community. God is blessing His people.”