NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)—October is when we encourage all Southern Baptist churches and congregations to promote our Great Commission mission and ministries giving through the Cooperative Program. Giving through the Cooperative Program is the financial fuel that helps us take Good News to the whole world.

Since 1925 our Southern Baptist churches have given more than $19.5 billion through our Cooperative Program in order to accomplish our statewide, national and international Great Commission work.

We are committed to promoting and propagating this story because it tells the bigger story of what God is doing through our Southern Baptist churches in your state, in America and across the world. And at the bottom of this article are links to six new videos that share these powerful stories.

In order to tell this story in the most effective manner during October, please find a way to show your church at least one of these videos—sharing the story of our Great Commission work together. Quite honestly, these videos are so strong you will easily see the value of using more than one, possibly even all of them.

From pastor to pastor, let me say it this way: If you want your financial support to go up in your own church this next year, tell stories like these.

This is why we cooperate together. This is why we are Southern Baptists. It is the Great Commission that motivates our people to give generously. Thank you for what your church is giving toward our cooperative work together.

As a pastor or a layperson, take the time to watch these videos and then show them to your staff team, your church lay leadership team, your deacons or your finance team. Then, show them to your congregation. I assure you, when you show these videos in your worship services, your people will be motivated, their hearts will be touched, and they will be encouraged to be generous with your church because of your church’s financial support through our cooperative work together. When we see changed lives, the Gospel forwarded and missionaries mobilized to the nations, we are excited! If you do not believe this, try it, and I trust you will see it become a reality in your church.

By the way, would you and your church find a way to prioritize, elevate and even accelerate your church’s giving through the Cooperative Program?

Yes, even in this uncertain time, we must tell others about Christ, reach the next generation, equip future leaders for ministry and missions, and mobilize missionaries across America and the entire world.

Giving through the Cooperative Program is the financial fuel that helps advance and accomplish our vision to reach every person for Jesus Christ in every town, every city, every state, and every nation.

In the midst of a global pandemic, the call to reach the world for Christ has to be greater than ever before. People need Jesus and people need Jesus now.

Here are six newly produced videos. All share about our cooperative work together. Please share them in any way you desire. Help us tell this great story of what God is doing.

  1. Locking Arms to Tell His Story (4:59)
  2. Better Together (1:00)
  3. Being Soul Conscious (1:00)
  4. What Jesus Told Us To Do (1:00)
  5. I Am Not A Missionary (4:03)
  6. Just Call My Name (2:26)

We will be adding more videos throughout October. You can find them all at

Now is the time to lead.