Each day, I thank God for the privilege of serving in Oklahoma. While we are certainly not in sweeping revival, God has mercifully blessed with factors that could help facilitate a move of His Spirit. As I travel our state, I see key things that give real hope for a powerful move of God.

First, I am struck by Oklahomans’ growing realization of need and renewed desire to seek God’s face. The association-wide nights of prayer and repentance are going very well. A spirit of brokenness, desperation and prayer is increasingly evident in ever-growing numbers.

Second, there is a growing willingness to focus on evangelism, missions, Sunday School and fervent prayer. I am deeply encouraged by the increasing remnant of Oklahomans who are serious about the “main things” of revival and spiritual awakening. Of course, Falls Creek continues to be an incredible blessing from God.

Third, I am impressed by the sincerity and commitment of many Oklahoma pastors and churches. Their faithfulness to Cooperative giving and missions gives real reason for hope. It is evident that many of our leaders and churches truly want to make a difference for God.

Fourth, there is a level of unity and kingdom-focus that is not evident in all areas of the nation. While many churches still have far too much bickering, there is an encouraging unity about the main things of God.

To be clear, the above observations are in no way meant as prideful bragging on Oklahoma. Indeed we still have a long way to go and a desperate need for genuine revival. However, it is clear God has blessed in ways that could pave the way for a biblical move of His Spirit. With deep humility and soberness, let us ever remember our Lord’s words, “to whom much is given, much is required.” (Luke 12:48)

Being ripe for revival and actually see it are two different things. As we praise God for His mighty work in Jena, La., let us humbly pray He may do it in our state and nation. May God help us move from “potential and ripeness” to “repentance and revival.” As Bill Robertson comes to testify of genuine revival, let us seek God while He may yet be found.