Falls Creek Youth Camp is committed to reaching students with the Gospel and helping students grow spiritually. Many activities exist in order to provide an environment through which that connection and growth can happen.

Worship services, breakouts, in-cabin teaching moments, relationship, practical training in faith and ministry, one-on-one and small group discipleship, prayer opportunities, evangelism and mission awareness and mobilization all serve to move students and leaders forward in deepening their life in Christ. This year at Falls Creek youth camp, we will study spiritual discipline in the life of a believer from Col. 2:6-7.

Paul writes to believers in the Church at Colossae, in the face of false teaching that threatens to infiltrate the church and undermine the foundation of the Good News of Jesus, to remain faithful to the truth of who Christ is and what He has done for us.

Students are living out their faith in an increasingly difficult cultural landscape. The culture, and the emerging generation, is not only more biblically illiterate than ever, they are also spiritually illiterate. The challenge to continue faithfully following Jesus in this rapidly-changing landscape is a message that is timely and needed.

In an effort to focus students on continuing daily, disciplined pursuit of the Lord, each week will explore how, that in Christ we are:

Saved—that we must trust and take hold of Jesus

Set apart—that we should come away form the world and walk in obedience

Solid—that we must seek to be like Christ

Surrendered—that we should give our lives to God out of gratitude for what He has done for us, and that we must daily CHOOSE to continue in Him.

As summer approaches I am impressed with the idea that—we need more.

  • We need more unity in the church.
  • We need to see the Lord to change more lives through salvation.
  • We need more to follow through in believers be baptism.
  • We need more believers to respond to a call to ministry and serve the church.
  • We need more authentic excitement and enthusiasm about the things of God.
  • We need more continuing obedience from leaders & students to follow through on decisions beyond camp.
  • We need real life change to continue to be evident following camp.
  • We need a Gospel explosion in and through the lives of our believing students & in the Church.
  • We need to walk more holy lives and need more protection from the enemy’s plans.
  • We need more students to become connected in Christian community by attending & engaging in their local churches.
  • We need the Lord to move in ways only HE can.
  • We need an unmistakable move of the Holy Spirit.
  • We need more.

Only God can do more.

Will you pray?

Want to pray more? Please visit oklahomabaptists.org/youthcamp for more prayer resources.