Oklahoma Southern Baptists have the opportunity to actually sit in the seat of and  pray for their state legislators on Feb. 3 between 2:00 and 3:00 pm.

“Pray For Your Legislator Day” is an annual event at the Oklahoma State Capitol that is always held on the Sunday before the Monday that the new session starts.  This year, the date is Feb. 3.

“This has been going on for about five or six years with people coming from all over the state, but especially from the Oklahoma City area,” said State Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City.  “I’ve attended every year, and it is a really special experience.”

This year’s event is being coordinated by the Legislative Prayer Caucus.

“I think about 150 participants is the most we’ve ever had,” Kern observed. “Each person who comes has the opportunity to sit in the chair of their legislator, and others if they want, and most do, and pray for them. A guide for how to pray for their representative/senator is given to each person when they come into the Chamber, along with cards so they can leave a message for the legislator if they so choose.

“I personally know that when we go to our desk on the first day of session and find all those cards with messages from people who have prayed for us how encouraging and uplifting it is. There are few times when citizens are allowed on the floor of either Chamber.

“Members of my church (Kern is the wife of Steve Kern, pastor of Oklahoma City, Olivet) who have attended have shared what a blessing it has been to actually go on the floor and pray for their legislator. As you well know, God commands us in I Tim. 2:1-4 to pray for our government leaders as well as why we need to do it. This is a special day for all who attend.”