“Home, Family, Community”—words many use to describe a week of camp. Falls Creek marks a place and moments where individuals have felt God move powerfully. The Holy Spirit moves. God changes earthly paths and eternal destinations as people trust Christ for salvation and grow in their faith.

Community building happens throughout a week at Falls Creek Youth Camp, whether through recreational activities during the day or supporting campers who make spiritual decisions during evening worship (top photo). PHOTOS BY AUSTIN URTON

For many, a week at Falls Creek Youth Camp means change, growth, encouragement and community. Falls Creek represents a place where God strengthens believers and the church through relational connection and community-building moments.

Summer camp at Falls Creek provides these community-building opportunities for individuals, local churches and also the Church at large, as groups participate in a unique camp experience each week of the summer at Falls Creek.

From the smallest unit to the largest gathering, Falls Creek is a place of connection for all attending. Participants have many opportunities to connect with God and with other believers on a number of levels. Individual campers participate in personal spiritual disciplines and experiences, as well as in small group Bible studies, in-cabin Bible studies with their, breakouts, and community building within their own group. These interactions strengthen the church at its core.

Afternoons at camp provide another great community-building moment. You can hear the hum of excitement and interaction around grounds as groups take advantage of the time to customize and personalize their group’s experience. Groups can select breakouts, missions, in-cabin and recreational activities in a way that heightens the interaction within their own groups and serves to strengthen their local church.

The work the Lord does in groups at Falls Creek, through community building, carries over as groups return home as displays of unity and tightened community that can literally impact the church for the months, and maybe even years ahead. Through extended, focused time together, each day at camp offers a great opportunity to maximize intentional, relational interaction and connection in a way not possible in many other times throughout the year.

In addition to providing powerful and meaningful moments for individuals and local congregations, Falls Creek is also a great picture of the cooperation we share as Oklahoma Baptists and as Southern Baptists. Groups are able to develop community with other believers. Each day they are able to connect with other groups coming together for larger camp activities, including tournaments and other recreational activities, missions experiences, spiritual growth breakouts, conversations, pin trading, prayer, worship, study and more. These interactions often create lasting connection and community through ongoing school, work and ministry friendships, certainly building the bond of Christian community in the Church across Oklahoma and around the nation.

Sharing a summer at Falls Creek Youth Camp provides a common connection more than 2.5 million people have experienced for more than 100 years. Youth camp weeks at Falls Creek expand the Kingdom and strengthen the church in a unique way. Please pray for the church to be strengthened this summer. Please pray for unity, purpose and action in the church through Falls Creek Youth Camp 2021.