With the summer rushing towards us, preparations are in full swing for those churches that will be attending Falls Creek 2016.

It takes loads of resources to accommodate camp needs, not to mention what is required for churches in regard to promotion, teaching, release forms, and parental information. The production of these resources can be expensive. Thankfully, our day and age have afforded us the ability to place almost all of these resources online.

Printed pieces such as the Lead Sponsor Book, release forms, church contact sheet, student book, and promotional materials are all available for download at the Student Ministry website, skopos.org. Making these resources available online helps us to be better stewards of Cooperative Program (CP) dollars and still effectively communicate with and meet the needs of our churches.

In addition to the downloadables at skopos.org, student pastors and churches can keep tabs on all the latest information regarding Falls Creek and Oklahoma Youth Ministry on our Facebook pages. At facebook.com/fallscreekok, youth ministers and leaders can discuss new ideas, ask questions, and get vital info for camp prep. At facebook.com/OKYMA, youth leaders can get up-to- -date information on all youth ministry events and strategies employed by the BGCO, and even helpful information about area events posted by local youth pastors.

This year, Falls Creek is adding a special internet livestream event from 7-8:30 p.m., Thur., May 19. FC Prep Live will be a live, text-in, and/or call-in event where all your questions about the youth weeks at Falls Creek can be answered. Plan to log in on skopos.org and join us on May 19!

Skopos also has Twitter and Instagram accounts, both are @okskopos. On the twitter account, we post new details about camp, YEC, OKYMA, and other convention initiatives on a regular basis. Following us on Twitter is a simple and great way to never miss an update on all things youth ministry. The same is true of our Instagram account. If you’re looking for a way to hear about upcoming events or catch a glimpse of what happened at an event you missed, check out our Instagram account.

If you are looking for video, you can go to the media page of skopos.org. It offers a variety of videos that individuals or groups can view.  These videos are hosted on Vimeo, and makes sharing them with students on social networking sites a breeze.

Finally, throughout the summer, we will stream our evening services live each night at skopos.org/livestream. Parents, friends, and church members can watch online to see what students are participating in each night at Falls Creek. The evening services begin at 7:30 each night, Monday through Friday, each week that Falls Creek is in session.  These nightly services are archived each week so the summer services may be viewed at your leisure.