DAVIS— Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center has, for 100 years, been a place where people gather to worship the Lord. Falls Creek LIVE! is carrying on the tradition each Tuesday and Thursday night of the summer as youth gather on Centennial Plaza and make a joyful noise to the Lord.

People may recall choir and orchestra as a way students attending Falls Creek could enjoy practicing and performing music. What many do not realize is that there is now

Students sing praise and worship songs on Centennial Plaza as a part of Falls Creek LIVE! as friends and campgoers listen on surrounding steps.

new opportunity where willing students may participate directly on Centennial Plaza in front of hundreds, even thousands, of campers and sponsors.

“We recognized that there are a lot of students with all ranges of musical experience and talents who love music, and love playing it, and they needed some place where they can play,” explained Falls Creek Program Director Andy Harrison. “So we said we have opportunity on grounds, especially after the service on a couple of nights, where there’s a lot of people gathering. What if we had live music that was provided by students, giving them the opportunity to play for a lot of people?” The rest is history.

At Falls Creek LIVE! students have the opportunity to play in a band or perform a solo act. Falls Creek provides an audio tech, sound board, drum set, three microphones and instrument cables.

Each participant is allowed two songs that must be distinctly Christian music. “We have a very dedicated vetting process to determine if the songs should be sung or not. It’s a committee of one—me,” joked Harrison.

From the open air tabernacle to the present day tabernacle, music is and has always been an integral part of the legacy of Falls Creek. “No matter what the styles of music or anything, the voices of 5,000 people singing praises to the Lord is just awesome,” said Harrison.

Harrison talked about the importance of Falls Creek LIVE! saying, “It’s an outlet for people to be able to express their love for the Lord in a way that they feel they’re gifted or they enjoy. It’s cool to see them get to have that opportunity, and their friends show up, cheering on the groups. People love it.”

Falls Creek will continue to emphasize bringing praise before the Lord this September at the 100 Years of Falls Creek celebration events: Night of Praise on Sept. 2 and the Homecoming Service on Sept 3.

Well-known Christian artists such as Charlie Hall, Logan Walter, Matt Roberson, Cody Dunbar and more will perform on the stage they know and love at Falls Creek.

As students perform at Falls Creek LIVE!, whether they eventually lead to a career in music or go on to do other things, they become a part of the legacy of faith that music is at Falls Creek.

“Music is all throughout scripture, much of the Psalms were songs. It always makes a heart feel good to sing praises, and when you’re doing it with friends its pretty cool,” Harrison said.

Youth pastors are encouraged to sign students up for Falls Creek LIVE! ahead of their visit to Falls Creek. Those interested can find the registration information at www.skopos.org/fallscreek/aroundgrounds/falls-creek-live.