DAVIS—Those attending Falls Creek Baptist Conference Centers this summer can be sure to look forward to many entertaining activities. Two of the latest attractions to the iconic campgrounds near Davis include the Big Wheel Derby and Tango Tower.

The Swift Skate Park Amphitheater is where the Big Wheel Derby can be found. For those unfamiliar with Falls Creek, the Amphitheater also houses a skate park, basketball courts, a ropes course in the ceiling of the Amphitheater, a life-size pool table played with soccer balls, Gaga Ball pits and more.

The Big Wheel Derby course consists of adult- sized Big Wheels inside a winding, challenging course. The Big Wheels resemble a child’s tricycle, only they are nearly twice the size.

he Big Wheel Derby course consists of adult-sized Big Wheels inside a winding and challenging course where campers are encouraged to race with their friends.
Photos by Chris Doyle

Campers are encouraged to race their friends through the winding course for fun or for competition.

“It is for ‘big kids,’” said Jason Langley, director of conference centers for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO), about Big Wheel Derby. “It brings out the competitiveness, but if you’re too competitive, you’re going to spin out struggling to make the turn. It’s about speed and smarts. It’s a blast to watch.”

Each Big Wheel race is timed and at the end of the Falls Creek week, the camper with the fastest time will be recognized in the Friday evening service in the R. A. Young Tabernacle.

Another exciting new feature added to Falls Creek’s recreational to-do list is Tango Tower. The tango tower is a six-sided vertical climbing structure which will actively involve up to 36 participants at a time. That includes 12 climbers, 12 belayers, and 12 belay monitors. A belayer is someone who provides tension so if a climber is to fall, they will be caught.

“The Tango Tower gives us an opportunity to go 42 feet in the air to create a new expierience that we’ve haven’t had,” Langley said. “It allows different elements that challenge people who have done ropes but maybe with some new experiences.”

Staff supervisors went through training with the tower’s manufacturer. Langley said supervisors were trained thoroughly to help climbers take on the tower.

“They went through every part of the tower,” he said. “They learned how to do the zipline. They learned if someone has a difficulty, they are able to talk them through, to encourage them. And we have connected spiritual applications to share with the climbers.”

Tango Tower is part of the Falls Creek ropes course, one of the largest ropes courses in the nation. There are 12 major element areas, and all-together the course takes an hour to complete, so campers should keep that in mind when scheduling ropes course into their busy Falls Creek schedules.

Both the Big Wheel Derby and Tango Tower, along with all other Falls Creek recreational activities are open during recreation time each day of Falls Creek.

“First and foremost, Falls Creek is about people encountering Christ,” Langley said. “Dr. (Anthony) Jordan (BGCO executive director-treasurer) said there should always be a spiritual experience, but he also said he wants people to have a ‘hilariously good time.’”

Langley and his staff, as well as Andy Harrison, Falls Creek program director, put much effort into making Falls Creek youth weeks enjoyable and memorable.

“We want people to say after they leave Falls Creek, ‘That’s one of the best experiences of my life,’” Langley said. “It is important for us to offer new things as we can to help with the camp experience.”