For the last year, many dedicated people at the Baptist Messenger have poured their lives into developing and providing Oklahoma Baptists with a more relevant and engaging publication. Next week, their efforts will be unveiled.

Their creativity and sure professionalism will soon be on display for all to see as the Baptist Messenger takes an exciting step toward the next level of excellence. Like parents anticipating the arrival of a new born baby, we are excited to share our new baby with you.

I’d like to thank each and every one of our readers who have provided us with valuable insight for what you want this publication to become. After all, it is your Baptist Messenger. Next week, you will have the opportunity to give us feedback on how well you think we interpreted what you said. I hope we make you proud.

The Baptist Messenger has served our state well since May of 1912. On more than one occasion, adjustments have been made to keep readers interested and on top of the issues important to Southern Baptists. It is hard to imagine where Oklahoma Baptist would have gained critical insight as to what God has accomplished through them cooperatively, if not through the Baptist Messenger.

However, like most us, the Baptist Messenger needs fleshing up from time to time. Something tells me this won’t be the last time your input is put to work at the Baptist Messenger. If you like what you see, I hope you will let me know. If you don’t, then let me give you my disconnected telephone number! I’m kidding. Of course, I want to know if you think we missed the mark. More importantly, I hope you will take an active role in interacting with us on the issues we present. The opinion and editorial page is there for a reason. We want to hear from you.

Let me close by once again thanking Bob Nigh and Dana Williamson for sharing in the vision to see the Baptist Messenger become all that it can be. Special thanks to Bryan Barros for working countless hours implementing our ideas, and many of his own, for the redesign. There are many other team members who have made major contributions to this process and without them, we would not have succeeded. We are grateful for the faith the board of directors has placed in us and by the ongoing encouragement of our Executive Director-Treasurer Anthony L. Jordan.

In the beginning, the Communications Task Force got the ball rolling. It is our prayer that next week, Oklahoma Baptists will agree we have delivered a communications slam dunk.