Abortion doctors have found a way to sidestep the Supreme Court’s support for a federal ban on one gruesome technique, partial-birth abortion, by using another-injecting an unborn baby with deadly drugs before delivering the child.

The Boston Globe reported Aug. 10 many abortion doctors in Boston and other cities are using the new method to protect themselves from partially delivering a live baby and violating the Partial-birth Abortion Ban Act.

“This shows the length to which physicians who have left their Hippocratic Oath in the dust and have become frontline soldiers in the culture of death are willing to go to perpetuate the killing of often-viable unborn babies,” said Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. “Our nation’s legislators need to address this situation urgently and pass measures to protect the most defenseless among us, our unborn citizens.”

The law bars a procedure, with the exception of when the mother’s life is threatened, in which an intact baby is delivered feet first until only the head is left in the birth canal. The doctor pierces the base of the infant’s skull with surgical scissors before inserting a catheter into the opening and suctioning out the brain, killing the baby. The technique, which normally is used in at least the fifth month of pregnancy, provides for easier removal of the baby’s head.

Three Boston hospitals are using the injection technique routinely. Beth Israel Deaconness, Brigham and Women’s and Massachusetts General-all hospitals affiliated with Harvard University-inject lethal drugs into unborn babies beginning about 20 weeks into gestation.

Will this news serve as a call to action for all Oklahoma Baptists? Oklahoma Baptists have played an active role in the passage of many pieces of pro-life legislation. It is unthinkable that members of the medical community would stoop so low as to look for technical loopholes that will allow for the killing of innocent babies.

Oklahoma Baptists should support legislators who value all human life and will do all within their means to see that such ridiculous weaknesses in our laws are eliminated. As Christians, we have a moral obligation to see to it that the poorest of poor and the most vulnerable in society do not fall victim to the evils that often prevail in our nation.

It is not enough to be upset. Simply expressing our disgusts among ourselves will not bring about change. We as a people must put our faith into action and seek ways to influence the process so those who have no voice will gain the protection they need from ruthless, unethical doctors. Find your voice and express it to your state and national leaders today.