Happy New Year’s Eve! As we conclude the year of 2021, I thought I would offer some of my favorite and popular DHDs that I wrote this year.

Thanks to Grant Bivens, the master web dude, I was able to find the viewership ranking of this year’s DHDs. I will feature DHDs in order of most read.

Before I give my list, I thought I would evaluate another DHD that I wrote on Jan. 1 titled, “Six things I want to see happen in 2021.” You can read for yourself, but from what I could say for sure that happened is more smiling, more singing and more people returning to church. Unity, Scripture memory and Bible reading and lives committed to Christ are harder to evaluate, but I know there was progress in many lives this year.

So here’s the six most popular DHDs of 2021.

  1. Bible passages of God controlling the weather

On Feb. 19 I decided to blog about the weather due to a massive storm and record-breaking freezing temperatures happening in Oklahoma. Along with COVID, people had to not only quarantine but literally hibernate from the ridiculously cold weather.

This DHD by far was the most read, as 3,055 readers clicked on to read. You can check it out here.

  1. Disney movies with Christian themes

Along with dealing with incredibly cold weather early in the year, I also became a fan of Disney+ and watched a bunch of older Disney movies that were reminiscent of my childhood.

This DHD drew 666 (yikes!) readers. Maybe you should click on it here, so I can give off that scary number.

  1. Favorite articles by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra

If you’re a regular DHD reader, you know I’m a fan of Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, a writer for the Gospel Coalition. I know at least 661 people know this because that’s how many have read this DHD.

Sarah is an excellent writer and does a marvelous job educating and encouraging readers with her penning. Check out the blog here.

  1. From LGBTQ to Christ inspiring testimonies

In June I decided to promote Christ as some were acknowledging “Gay Pride.” I mentioned six Christians who left the LGBTQ lifestyle to be followers of Christ.

This DHD drew 309 readers. You can read it here.

  1. Recent Christian songs that encourage me

Check out some of my favorite Christians that were recently released. In July this DHD was read by 300 web browsers. Read it here.

  1. Mohler’s talk about Afghanistan crisis

Regular DHD readers know I admire Albert Mohler, president of Southern Seminary who offers daily commentary on his podcast “The Briefing.”

Mohler did an excellent job covering the crisis in Afghanistan with proper commentary. I thought it was so good that I offered six takeaways of this Briefing edition. This DHD intrigued 273 readers. Check it out here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my DHDs this year. I plan to continue providing my thoughts in a hexagonal fashion in 2022.