It’s a short DHD this week. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how God is revealed through nature. This came to mind yesterday, as I was arriving at work.

With fall starting, the days become shorter, which means the sunrise comes later. My daily Bible reading has been in the Book of Hosea the last few days, and a verse I read yesterday morning prepped me for my work arrival. So, since I can’t just share one verse, in order to be consistent with my blog theme, I decided to offer six Bible passages that emphasize God through His creation.
Think of these verses and dwell on how this world reveals and reminds us of God and His majesty and glory. And if you have other verses that go along with these, please share!

1. Hosea 6:3
“Let us strive to know the Lord. His appearance is as sure as the dawn. He will come to us like the rain, like the spring showers that water the land.”

2. Psalm 104: 24-25
“How countless are your works, Lord! In wisdom you have made them all; the earth is full of Your creatures. Here is the sea, vast and wide, teeming with creatures beyond number—living things both large and small.”

3. Psalm 95:4-5
“The depths of the earth are in His hand, and the mountain peaks are His. The sea is His; He made it. His hands formed the dry land.”

4. Job 12:7-10
“But ask the animals, and they will instruct you; ask the birds of the sky, and they will tell you. Or speak to the earth, and it will instruct you; let the fish of the sea inform you. Which of all these does not know that the Hand of the Lord has done this? The life of every living thing is in His hand, as well as the breath of mankind.”

5. Isa. 42:5
“This is what God, the Lord says—who created the heavens and stretched them out, who spread out the earth and what comes from it, who gives breath to the people on it and spirit to those who walk on it.”

6. Psalm 19:1-2
“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the expanse proclaims the work of His hands. Day after day they pour out speech; night after night they communicate knowledge.”