I’m back to DHD-ing! Sorry about the two-week hiatus. Life has been busy, and last week I had a skin cancer procedure, which caused me to not be in proper DHD form.

So here’s six new topics for you to read, and I thank you for reading!

  1. Jimmy covers giving up

I mentioned Jimmy Kinnaird a few weeks ago, and I’m doing it again. He wrote an excellent piece that helps those who want to leave their work, especially ministry work.

It’s worth reading. Check out “Six Things to Do When Tempted to Give Up.”

  1. Churchgoers aren’t going to church

Speaking of giving up, it appears many gave up going to church after the pandemic. Aaron Earls with Lifeway Research reported, “Numerous studies confirm churches continue struggling to regain in-person attendees who were lost during pandemic closures.”

One thing I found interesting from Earls’ article is that 5 percent of houses of worship in America remained closed for in-person services. That’s a sad report. It probably means those churches in the 5 percent have other issues beside COVID.

Earls’ article is constructive, though. I appreciate the words of encouragement at the end, helping church leaders to seek out those who are not attending.

  1. Seminole, First recovers from tornado, thanks to DR

Last week, I met with my friend Nick Atyia who is pastor of Seminole, First. Nick and I met years ago when he was the student evangelism ministry partner for Oklahoma Baptists, so it was good to meet with him, even under the circumstances.

On May 4, Seminole experienced serious tornadic activity that affected the whole town, but thankfully Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief (DR) showed up the next day and started getting Seminole back on its proverbial feet.

I interviewed Nick to get his perspective on how it all went down from that Wednesday night on May 4 through DR’s serving meals and offering chaplaincy and chain saws over the following nine days.

The story will be in the June 9 Baptist Messenger, so be on the lookout!

  1. Watsons continue to be active pro-life supporters

Benjamin and Kirsten Watson are major pro-life heroes. Benjamin is a retired NFL tight end who played for multiple teams including the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots. His wife, Kirsten, though, has been as powerful of a pro-life spokesperson as Benjamin.

Earlier this week, the Messenger reported the Watsons donating an ultrasound machine to a pregnancy resource center in Georgia. This is one of many ultrasound machines the Watsons have donated through Psalm 139 project, a ministry started through the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

If you’re not familiar with the Watsons, I wrote a DHD in 2019 focused on a video Kirsten did with Life Action. I was so impressed with Kirsten’s video, and I’d like to share it again. Here you go:


  1. Mohler responds to people leaving church after overturning Roe

Since we are on the topic of Sanctity of Life, emotional chatter continues about the projected ruling of the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. One article in USA Today emphasized that overturning the major case that led to nationwide abortion support will cause many to “leave Christianity.”

Albert Mohler addressed this notion in his Thursday edition of “The Briefing.” As always, I love how Mohler takes on tough issues. One thing his said in his response that I loved was this:

“Now, if they are religious people making this argument, one of the things you need to note is that they tend to come from religious organizations that are actually where people did leave, including by the way, young people. Now, it may well be, by the way, that there is a demographic price, there’s a political price, there’s even a church attendance price to be paid for holding to biblical truth. But if so, then let it be. But the point is we do not do our theology by poll, we do not do our moral reasoning by social survey.

  1. Thunder thoughts

I haven’t given my thoughts about the Oklahoma City Thunder since the NBA Lottery happened last month. I am definitely thrilled the Thunder got the second overall pick in the upcoming draft, and getting the 12th pick, as well as having the 30th and 34th overall picks, set up the Thunder well for June 23, when the draft will happen.

Who will the Thunder pick? The popular answer is Chet Holmgren from Gonzaga. My personal preference is Paolo Banchero from Duke. However, more than my own preference, I trust Sam Presti to make the right picks.

This is an encouraging situation for Thunder fans!