I’m trying to figure out if I should be in short sleeves or a full winter apparel. We basically have experienced it all this week.

Thanks for reading this edition of DHD, as I cover six timely topics. Enjoy!

  1. Debate/Election thoughts

I did watch the final debate last night between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Nothing happened that changed my mind, and it appears nothing happened that would change other people’s minds. At least it appeared to be a more civil presentation.

I honestly don’t know how this election will end, but I am curious what will happen when it eventually does end. So many people, especially well-known Christian leaders, have expressed how they feel about voting this year. The ones who trouble me are those whom I respect who have demonstrated a perception of justifying abortion or not making Sanctity of Human Life as high of priority.

The abortion issue is the highest priority, and I have expressed so in many previous DHDs. Some Christian leaders have recently try to make it appear that if you can’t vote for President Trump because of his character then it can be acceptable as an evangelical Christian to vote for Joe Biden. These Christian leaders seem to portray Biden as an innocent babe.

I recently read an article by an evangelical leader who tried to portray the Democratic Party’s platform to be more appealing to Christians because they “defend and care for the poor.” I believe that is bearing false witness. I am not completely defending Republicans, but it has been proven that some in GOP leadership have supported charitable religious organizations more so than Democrats. Greater government programs, which the Dems promote, do not provide Gospel opportunities.

Also, overturning Roe v. Wade would be something Life supporters aspire. However, these certain Christian leaders paint a negative picture of Life supporters, claiming this is all we want to happen. Consider the alternative of increased support of partial-birth abortions, even to the point of birth, and the removal of the Hyde Amendment, which leads to taxpayer support of abortions. These are realistic occurrences if Biden get elected.

I am also curious what these Christian leaders will think if religious liberties become restricted under a Biden administration. They seem to be fine with this possibility.

I know I sound doom and gloom. Actually, I am at peace with however the presidential election concludes because I know God ultimately is the One who decides (Prov. 16:33). I am mostly disappointed with certain Christian leaders across the country whom I believe are misleading other believers.

Let me be clear on my view. I can respect someone who will not vote for President Trump, especially because I did not vote for him in 2016. However, I cannot respect any evangelical Christian—and especially any evangelical Christian leader—who supports any political candidate who supports abortion.

  1. A 70-year-old ‘Lion’

I’ll be brief here on out. I enjoyed reading Dan Dewitt’s article “Aslan’s Legacy at 70”. It gives great responses on The Chronicles of Narnia from well-known readers and their take on C.S. Lewis’ intention.

  1. Keahbone goes home

Check out the article I wrote in this week’s Baptist Messenger titled “Returning home: Keahbone sees Gospel advancements as pastor of Lawton, First”

Mike Keahbone is one of my favorite people. I’ve enjoyed writing about his ministry, and this step for him to become the pastor of Lawton, First is a great move for him. I’m excited to see how God will use him in this new position.

  1. COVID-19 prayer time

If you have kept up with my DHDs, you may have read about my intention of praying every month on the 19th during the 19th hour (7-8 p.m.), asking God to end COVID-19.

This past Monday was Oct. 19, and I am excited to report that nine other people joined me in person. This is the largest attendance since I started this observance in August. Praise God!

I look forward to November’s meeting on Thursday, Nov. 19

  1. A quick trip to Utah

On Wednesday this week, my brother Jon and I left on an early flight to Salt Lake City, Utah. We got to visit our oldest brother Pat who is in bad health. Pat is old enough to be my dad. He has been a great big brother to me.

Pat is currently at a VA senior community where he is receiving great care. Due to COVID restrictions, we were limited on how long we could visit. We were allowed two 20-min sessions (Wed. afternoon and Thurs. morning before our afternoon flight back) with Pat and had to visit with him across a rod ironed fence, about 10 feet apart.

What was encouraging to me is Pat asked me to voice prayer for him. I was honored to do so.

  1. ‘Truth Be Told’

I’ve recently discovered the song “Truth Be Told” by Matthew West. If you haven’t heard it before, I’ve got West’s video below.

West is proclaiming a message of transparency. It is a common façade, not letting people know how you are actually doing. Everybody needs a support group, especially in times of discouragement and grief. It’s also important to be available for others who need to be encouraged. That’s why it is imperative to embrace brokenness for the purpose of advancing the Gospel. And this truth should be told.