Thank you for reading this week’s Doyle’s Half Dozen, my take on six timely topics.

A short introduction for a short DHD. Let’s get to it!

  1. First takeaway from Oklahoma Baptists Annual Meeting

Oklahoma Baptists met at Broken Arrow, First this week for an abbreviated Annual Meeting. Thankfully, the meeting was able to happen. Many state conventions cancelled their meetings this year.

You can read a complete report on the Annual Meeting here.

For what is usually a two-day event, Oklahoma Baptists cut down to less than six hours this year. No Pastor’s Conference, fellowship meals or auxiliary meetings.

Though it was cut short, the meeting was still strong. Hance Dilbeck, executive director-treasurer with Oklahoma Baptists, gave a powerful address. This could be the best takeaway from the meeting. If you would like to watch Dilbeck’s 30-minute sermon, visit oklahomabaptists.annualmeeting and scroll to the 2:35 mark.

  1. Second takeaway from Oklahoma Baptists Annual Meeting

I was happy Ryan Smith, associate pastor at Stillwater, Eagle Heights, got nominated for second vice president of Oklahoma Baptists. He did not get elected, but it was great the longtime friend and contributor of WordSlingers, now on, was given a consideration.

Nick Atyia, pastor of Seminole, First, gave the nomination. You can watch it on the same annual meeting video at the 4:16 mark and hear Aytia mention both the Baptist Messenger and WordSlingers.

  1. Great article on the Trinity

The Trinity can be difficult to explain, especially to unbelievers. I enjoyed reading Greg Lanier’s article “Why Don’t the New Testament Authors Explain the Trinity?

Here’s my favorite comment from the piece: “Though the New Testament authors didn’t leave us with a systematic-theology textbook, the more you read Scripture, the more you see the triune God on its pages. You just have to have the ‘eyes to see.’”

It seems to become clearer to born-again believers who pour into Scripture the Trinity is evident and easily accepted.

  1. Fasting for ending abortion

Justin Taylor has been a strong advocate on The Gospel Coalition toward ending the godless practice of abortion. I admire him for this, especially this year, because a few national Christian leaders have presented a questionable view during this election year when addressing the issue of abortion.

Ironically, Taylor mentions John Piper, not the strongest voice on conservative views, who is known for speaking against abortion. Taylor’s article “Have Your Ever Fasted for Abortion to End?” quotes Piper’s book “A Hunger for God,” referring to a chapter that addresses the observation of fasting for the purpose of ending abortion.

“I appeal to you to seek the Lord with me,” Piper wrote, “concerning the place of fasting and prayer in breaking through the darkened mind that engulfs the modern world, in regard to abortion and a hundred other ills.”

As Taylor commends Piper, I do the same for writing this powerful suggestion. Check out the prayer in the article that Piper wrote.

  1. Praying to end COVID-19 on Nov. 19

My monthly observation will happen next Thursday. On Nov. 19, during the 19th hour, I will commit this time to praying to God to end the virus COVID-19. Especially here in Oklahoma, as case numbers and current hospitalizations are soaring, God needs to intervene. From 7-8 p.m., I will pray the entire hour for God to make Himself known and do a powerful, miraculous work to end the crippling virus.

I invite you to join me that night. If you can join me in person, I will be at Oklahoma City, Quail Springs for this prayer observance. But wherever you are, consider setting this time aside next Thursday, Nov. 19, to seek God in this time of desperate need.

  1. New Thunder coach

As usual, when I offer a projection involving the Oklahoma City Thunder, I get it wrong. In last week’s DHD, I mention the Thunder were looking at a coach from Australia. This week the team named Mark Daigneault as head coach. Daigneault served six years as the head coach of the Oklahoma City Blue, the Thunder developmental team in the G League.

I know it doesn’t sound like a flashy move, but it makes sense in the mind of Sam Presti. It’s a rather short offseason, and having someone fully orientated to lead the Thunder seems to be a sensible move over finding somebody from the outside coming in and getting acclimated. Daigneault has been successful in previous roles, including with the Blue, making playoff appearances and even coming within a game of making the G-League Championship series.

There is a lot to figure out about the Thunder. But considering the team surpassed expectations last year and there are a lot of teams in worse shape, I’m rather content where they are.