DAVIS—CrossTimbers Children’s Mission Adventure Camp, for children in grades 3 through 6, experienced its second summer at the new campgrounds near Davis. The new location allowed for more churches to participate as 122 churches brought 3,720 campers during the 10 summer sessions.

“Every session went very well. It just seemed to get better and better,” said Glenn Barber, BGCO childhood ministries specialist. “During many of the weeks, time and time again, we heard comments about how engaged our staff was, what they meant to the kids and about the good times the kids were having. Every week was super, super special.”

Last summer was an adjustment for the CrossTimbers staff members, as people were getting acclimated to the new site, moving from McAlester.

“This was the first year we could fully promote CrossTimbers,” Barber said. “We got a lot of new churches to come. It was amazing to see more and more people sign up. Church staff would call and ask, ‘Hey can we get in? Is there still room?’ And we could tell them there’s lots of room.”

More churches participating meant more children heard the Gospel and learned more about missions. Anthony L. Jordan, BGCO executive director-treasurer, shared his excitement about the results, saying, “CrossTimbers Children’s Mission Camp was awesome! The camp had 3,720 campers attend, and 281 made professions of faith. Glenn Barber and his team did an extraordinary job! Praise the Lord!”

Along with the professions of faith, a total of 535 decisions were made, including 93 rededications and 36 special callings.

CrossTimbers featured 40-plus staff members who served every session, and Barber said the churches’ adult sponsors also made a big impact this summer.

“The sponsors were incredible,” he said. “It was a huge help every week to have sponsors who were engaged.”