If you want sports news, there’s ESPN. If you want the weather, there’s the Weather Channel and other sources. Where do you turn if you want news and information on Oklahoma Baptists?

For more than 100 years, there has been only one consistent source for this kind of inspiring information: the Baptist Messenger. We sometimes hear of Oklahoma Baptist University rightly referred to as “your University,” harkening to our shared ownership in the ministry.

The exact same could be said about the Baptist Messenger: it’s your publication. The time-tested print edition still stands strong with a circulation of more than 50,000, making it the third largest news publication in the state of Oklahoma in terms of paid subscriptions.

Harnessing new technology, the Messenger has grown through its digital edition, website (www.baptistmes
), Messenger Mobile App, Messenger Insight podcast, blog (www.WordSlingersOK.com) and social media connections on Twitter and Facebook.

While our methods for delivering the Gospel and stories of how God is working through Oklahoma Baptists and our churches may change and adapt, the message stays the same. Our focus is on Jesus Christ, Who is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb. 13:8). We exist because of Him and for Him.

The Name of Jesus is trumpeted in each edition of the Messenger, and we are not slowing down. In fact, did you know the Baptist Messenger is reaching out to the lost world around us through the following ways?

• Print and digital Messenger copies are sent to missionaries around the world at no cost;

• Copies of the Messenger are distributed weekly for free to prison inmates, through our chaplains, in all of the correctional facilities in the state; and

• The new quarterly Spanish edition, El Mensajero Bautista, is offered in news racks and to our Hispanic fellowships.

These are just a few of the ways we are reaching out to people with the Gospel. In recent years, the Messenger has enhanced its format and features, being recognized by state and national organizations with awards for its improved layout, design, photography and stories.

We could not do any of this, however, were it not for God’s provision through the Cooperative Program and the strong partnerships with our churches. The vast majority of our readers receive the Messenger, provided by their church. This is the “secret sauce” of success in year’s past and will be for the future, as well.

For the low, discounted cost of $8.50 per household annually (the price of one person’s meal at your average restaurant), church members can receive 50 issues of the Baptist Messenger per year, delivered straight to their mailbox, inbox and/or mobile device. In spite of skyrocketing mailing costs and increases in paper costs, that price has remained the same for 10 years.

Church budget dollars are precious, and that is why the Baptist Messenger staff is so committed to keep the value high and the price low. In exchange for churches making this investment, there is a huge return. In addition to inspiring stories, compelling articles, news and commentary on culture and theology, there is research that shows Messenger readers are likelier to be more going and giving members, and that adds up to stronger Sunday School small groups and congregations.

If your church is not currently receiving the Messenger for its members—or only part of the membership is and you wish to maximize your list—our subscriptions coordinator is available to help you take that step. Simply call 405/ 942-3000, ext. 4361, or email subscriptions@baptistmessenger.com.

John 13:16 says, “A servant is not greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him.” The Baptist Messenger is but a reflection of the strength of our churches, and we will only be as strong as our churches make us. Please prayerfully partner with the Baptist Messenger today, as we take Christ to a dying world.