“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” —Jesus Christ

My children each have a small container with three drawers used to hold their money. One drawer is labeled “save,” one “spend” and the last one “give.” For some reason, when they receive cash, either through allowance or as a gift, the bills are magnetically drawn most to the “spend” drawer.

Blame it on genetics, because that is the way their dear ol’ dad is, too, sometimes. In fact, sadly, isn’t that how most of us are?

Christ tells us that our money reveals to us our real priorities. I learned this lesson too late in life (in spite of good upbringing and teaching from my parents). That is partly why I am so amazed and inspired today when I see others being generous.

Everywhere I turn in this great state, I hear of God’s faithful people giving through the church, which then gives faithfully through the Cooperative Program, our time-honored way to do missions and ministry in Oklahoma, North America and around the world.

All while people are tithing, they have stepped up and given toward special offerings of all sizes, too, including toward the Oklahoma State Missions Offering and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. In 2013, Oklahoma Baptists and others graciously gave to help their neighbors in need when the May 2013 tornadoes ravaged our state.

Today, Oklahoma Baptists are being called on to step up again. This time, it relates to Falls Creek. In this issue of the Baptist Messenger, you will see that the Falls Creek Centennial Capital Campaign and all of the projects and Gospel-centered plans this will help achieve.

In the pages of Scripture, Jesus had much to say about giving, part of which I have already mentioned.

He also showed that it is not so much the size of the gift, but the intent of the heart that matters. Whether what you can offer is more comparable to the widow’s mite or a million-dollar donation, this is your time to make an enduring investment in what God is doing at Falls Creek.

What do you think of when you hear the words “Falls Creek”? When I hear those words, my mind first thinks of the eight weeks of summer camp that I attended as a youth, where I had the opportunity to hear from the Lord in a way unlike any other. For others who hear the words “Falls Creek,” they think of the place nestled in the Arbuckle Mountains that is hallowed ground and home to many spiritual high points and, above all, salvations throughout the year.

In Falls Creek, there is something for everyone. The new buildings and construction there will be greatly utilized (see page 6 features). More importantly, they will expand the opportunity for more people and future generations to hear and respond to the Gospel; yes during the summer weeks of camp, but also at many other times of the year.

Henry Blackaby once said, “Find out where God is at work and join Him.” There is no question that God is at work at Falls Creek. Will you join Him by putting part of your treasure there?