It seems, at times, all we hear is bad news. We watch the news broadcasts on TV, hear reports on the radio, or see posts and articles online that describe much of the negative things that are happening in this world. So, I decided to share some good news about the wonderful things God is doing through our Oklahoma Baptists churches, minis- tries, and affiliates.

To begin, there are some great signs of growth among our churches. Based on the Annual Church Profile that Oklahoma Baptists churches submit- ted in 2023 (compared to the same percentage of churches reporting in 2022):

  • Baptisms are up 3 percent.
  • Sunday School/small group average attendance is up 13 percent.
  • Worship service average attendance is up 12.1
  • Churches gave the highest amount ever in the history of the Edna McMillan State Missions Offering in 2023.

As I travel and visit churches across our state, I see the difference they are making for the Gospel in their communities.

  • One church is doing incredible work with refugees from a war-torn country.
  • Multiple churches have seen many people come to faith in Christ through their mission centers meeting physical needs and providing training for
  • Many rural churches have a very high percentage of the entire youth-aged population of the community in their Wednesday night
  • I speak at numerous men’s events at churches, and almost every time I hear the testimony of a man where Christ has redeemed his life from the horrors of sin and restored his
  • On any given week, we have Oklahoma Baptists churches with mission teams sharing the Gospel all over the globe.

These are just to name a very few. God is doing tremendous work in and through our churches!

The ministries and affiliates of our state convention also have many positive things happening for the Kingdom:

  • Falls Creek had a record number of students (over 2,600) commit their lives to follow Christ in the eight weeks of camp last year.
  • Every board meeting of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children includes individuals sharing testimonies. Here are some I’ve heard the last year: A single mother with no place to turn who found a home for herself and her young children at OBHC, job training, and hope and salvation in Jesus; a boy who sought to

end his life and needed a home came to OBHC, was introduced to a loving church and youth group and now radiates joy when he speaks of his love for Jesus.

  • As I write this, Disaster Relief teams are in western Oklahoma and Texas, feeding people, helping those whose homes were destroyed by fire, and DR volunteers are sharing the
  • I had the opportunity to talk about the authority and historicity of the Bible recently at the BCM at Oklahoma State The church where we met was packed with more than 400 students. They eagerly listened and had great questions. Their interest in and thirst for the Bible was palpable.
  • OBU is launching an array of new degree programs committed to their vision of educating and training students to live all of life, all for Jesus in all kinds of vocations.
  • WatersEdge continues to have strong growth in their Ministry Accounting Service program that offers affordable accounting/payroll services to our

churches serving them in a very practical, helpful way.

  • Baptist Village Communities has recently purchased a new facility in Enid, broadening their ability to serve senior adults in northwest I so appreciate

the vision of BVC to make the Gospel a central aspect of the services they provide.

I get frustrated when I hear people say that Christianity and the church are in hopeless decline and doing nothing to impact our world. I would argue the opposite. I rejoice that I see up-close so many things that God is doing to transform lives, families and communities through the Gospel. Let’s keep pressing on in reliance on Jesus and for His glory!


Serving Jesus with you,

Todd Fisher

Executive Director-Treasurer