INDIANAPOLIS (BP) – North Carolina pastor Clint Pressley was elected SBC president Wednesday (June 12) in an election that began with six candidates and required two run-off ballots.

Pressley, senior pastor of Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte, N. C., received 4,244 votes (56.12 percent). Spencer, senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Sevierville, Tenn. received 3,305 votes (43.71 percent). A total of 7,562 votes were cast with 13 disallowed.

The second run-off was required when the three-way run-off Tuesday evening (June 11) did not garner a candidate 50 percent of the vote. In that ballot, Clint Pressley received 3,300 votes (39.01 percent); Dan Spencer received 2,600 votes (30.46 percent); and Mid-America dean David Allen received 2,577 votes (30.19 percent). Of the 8,537 votes cast in first run-off, 30 were disallowed.

Pressley has been senior pastor of Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C. Pressley prevailed over the six candidates that entered the race on Tuesday evening (June 11) in a first ballot that counted 8,970 votes with 15 disallowed.

The results of the first ballot were Clint Pressley with 2,289 votes (25.52 percent); David Allen with 1,896 votes (21.14 percent); Dan Spencer with 1,585 votes (17.67 percent): Bruce Frank with 1396 votes (15.56 percent); Oklahoma Pastor Mike Keahbone received 868 votes (9.68 percent) and Jared Moore received 921 votes (10.27).

This article, in part, was originally published by Baptist Press.