CARNEGIE—Carnegie, First dedicated its newly remodeled children’s wing in the name of the Arthur Blount family at a July 31 ceremony.

The Blount family stands in front of Carnegie, First’s remodeled children’s wing, which bears their name. Arthur Blount served at Carnegie, First for 43 years, first as music director and youth pastor and then as the church’s senior pastor before his death in 2020.

Blount served 13 years as the church’s music director and youth pastor before becoming the senior pastor in 1990. He remained in that position until his death on Nov. 8, 2020. All told, he served at the church for 43 years. The new facility will be called The Blount Children’s Center.

Blount’s family was in attendance for the dedication, which occurred after Sunday worship. One of the Blounts’ sons, Charlie, the pastor at Moore, First, led the service that morning, and the music was led by another son, Jared Blount, associate pastor and worship leader at Midwest City, Soldier Creek. Blount’s daughter, Melanie, also attended the service.

“The length of time that Arthur, his wife Jonita, and the family served this congregation is extremely rare, and it was fraught with very meaningful ministry,” said Kenny Mossman, Carnegie, First’s current pastor. “We want to memorialize that service and give Carnegie a reminder of this family’s outstanding contributions. Our congregation is thrilled that this has all come together.”

Carnegie, First has spent the past four months renovating its education building, which previously hosted adult Sunday School classes. The remodeling project will pave the way for all of the children’s classes to move into the facility.

“Our family is very appreciative of this recognition, and especially for our parents,” Charlie said. “This is a wonderful remembrance. We share the church’s desire to see the building filled with children and the next generation of believers in Carnegie and the surrounding area. We pray that God will use that building as a tool in building His kingdom.”

Mossman said the upgrades at the church will create a unique opportunity in children’s ministry.

“Because our new children’s wing connects directly to our gymnasium, we’re going to have a distinctive setting,” he said. “Our Sunday School teachers will have the flexibility of working in new classrooms that are just steps away from a wide-open space that is perfect for physical activity. The sky is the limit for what they can offer the kids.

“We’ve transformed an older building into a facility that feels brand new. We now have 3,400 square feet dedicated solely to our children. Not only will it be a remarkable space on Sunday mornings, it will also become the hub for our popular Vacation Bible School each summer.”

Some 71 children attended VBS at the church this summer.

Mossman added that much of the work and funding on the renovation was provided by church members.

“Several dedicated people volunteered many hours and gave of their expertise to make this happen,” he said. “We also saw numerous families with ties to our church step forward with financial gifts that helped us cover the expense. It’s quite a testimony as to how our people feel about this church and it underscores how much they love the children of this community. Arthur Blount left an amazing legacy, and we see it every day among the people he shepherded.”