NEWCASTLE—The second week of October was full of surprises—truly inspiring ones—for Caleb Freeman and his entire family, church and community. Surprises so big that state and national media sources took notice.

Baptist Messenger readers have been closely following the story of Freeman, who was seriously injured in a near-fatal automobile accident in December of 2017, and has been on a long road to recovery.

Reflecting on Caleb’s journey these two years, Jeremy said, “Caleb suffered the worst brain injury you can have, was not expected to live. And if he did, he wouldn’t walk, talk, eat or do anything normal again. But God had other plans.”

Caleb has exceeded all medical expectations and is doing miraculously well, with his family giving glory to God all along the way. The week of Oct. 9 held surprises that few, including Caleb’s father, Pastor Jeremy Freeman of Newcastle, First, could have even imaged.

Caleb, who was a competitive high school cross country runner prior to his accident, “ran his first, only, and last Cross Country race of the season and of his high school career,” said Jeremy. Caleb finishing the 3.1 mile-race in 51 minutes and 44 seconds.

Jeremy added, “his teammates and other runners came back and finished with him. He continues to progress and inspire and his story brings the hope of Christ to the world! #butGod.”

Tens of thousands viewed the jaw-dropping footage of the race, a show of God’s strength through Caleb. Oklahoma’s News Channel 4 covered the race and the scene was so inspiring that NBC Nightly News and CNN carried the story, among other media outlets.

Days later, at Newcastle’s football homecoming weekend, Caleb was nominated for homecoming court, and he was able to participate in the homecoming parade. To “top off this incredible week, Caleb was voted homecoming king, along with his sweet friend, Austyn Pine, who won homecoming queen,” said Jeremy.

Jeremy said, “We were driving home last night and Caleb said, ‘This has been an incredible week dad.’ I said, ‘Yes, it has been amazing.’ He said, ‘I just can’t believe all that’s happened. I’m really grateful.’”

For everyone who knows the Freeman family or has been impacted by the life of Caleb, they, too, are exceedingly grateful.