OMAHA—Caleb Freeman is no stranger to overcoming circumstances that might quickly discourage the average person. Since his life changed due to injuries he sustained in a car wreck on Dec. 19, 2017, Caleb has overcome obstacle aft er obstacle, citing God’s healing hand for all victories along the way.

Many people at QLI wore super hero t-shirts and outfits to celebrate Caleb’s 17th birthday on May 30. Caleb recieved more than 200 birthday cards from family, friends and those following his journey on Facebook. [Photo provided]

The Baptist Messenger first printed a story about Caleb and his miraculous healing in the Jan. 25 print edition. On Jan. 15, Caleb was transported from the University of Oklahoma Hospital for brain injuries to Craig Hospital in Colorado for rehabilitation.

At the beginning of May, Caleb had progressed enough to transfer to Quality Living Incorporated (QLI), a post-hospital residential rehabilitation center in Omaha, Neb., where he continues to thrive and meet goals both he and his doctors set on the journey to his recovery.

In fact, Caleb has progressed so much in the six months since his accident that he himself began to post updates to the Facebook page called “Pray for Caleb” that his dad originally started soon after the accident in December, as well as other social media outlets like Instagram. Since December, the “Pray for Caleb” Facebook page has gained more than 50,000 “likes,” and each update, or “post” is welcomed with hundreds, if not thousands, of words of encouragement and prayers for Caleb to continue in his positive direction toward recovery.

Caleb enjoys kayaking at QLI. [Photo provided]

In a post on Instagram, Caleb said, “Hey many of y’all know I’ve been in the hospital since December and y’all probably think it’s a terrible thing, which is true in some ways… but it’s amazing to see how many people are coming to either be saved or closer to Christ, so I also count it as a blessing in a way. So I also wanted to ask a favor of all you guys… the favor is to continue to pray because it’s all really brought me this far so please just pray me right on home. I just wanted to thank you for praying. It means more than I could ever say. I love you all!”

Just days later, Caleb made a post to Facebook saying, “Today was a fantastic Friday… Today I had a lot of therapy and it was tiring, but I am able to know that with every therapy I do is another step closer to home. I’m fine with staying longer because I know that every day I stay here is another chance to tell people here about Jesus, and that may be the only time they get to hear about Him and that is an opportunity I will never waste!”

A common thing to hear Caleb say these days is “thank you” to all who continue to pray for his healing, “without them I would not be alive.”

Because the Omaha facility is even closer to Oklahoma than Colorado, Jeremy and Emily, Caleb’s parents, are able to drive the family back and forth to visit Caleb, which is a vital part of his recovery.

Jeremy, who is the pastor at Newcastle, First, wrote in a Facebook post ways in which anyone willing can pray for the Freeman family. “As we embrace where God has us, pray we will keep walking with joy, strength, peace, and eternal purpose. Pray that Caleb continues to see God’s plan for the life God has for him. Pray that we do not give into the desires of the flesh, but walk full of the Spirit, knowing that whatever God has planned for us is far better than anything we could ever dream for ourselves.”

Caleb works on strengthening many areas in his body such as his balance and core. On June 20, he was able to leg press 250 pounds. [Photo provided]

Caleb’s family continues to be a driving force behind his recovery. His brother, Clayton, who was in the car accident with Caleb brings his brother’s jersey to basketball games and lays it on the bench in honor of his older brother.

Caleb has had many family members visit him in Omaha. In a Facebook post he expressed his gratitude toward individual family members like his grandma and grandpa, with whom he is pictured saying, “God blessed me with another great day. My grandpa and nana got to spend the day with me. I love them so much.” [Photo provided]

In a Facebook post, Jeremy talked about how they as a family have looked forward to seeing the two boys play together, “As Emily and I watched the boys play… many of which are boys Caleb has played with for about 8 years… we both fought back the tears… BUTGOD!!! God, once again, sustained us and gave us grace for the moment as we walk by faith, believing that Caleb will not only wear that jersey, but compete once again!”

Caleb has met many goals through the vigorous rehabilitation program at QLI. His speech, vision and balance have all improved as he does activities like occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, school work, adaptive sports and more.

Caleb has gone on many outings, including a recent one for his 17th birthday, May 30. One of Caleb’s close friends, Skyler, and his family drove to Omaha to celebrate the day with Caleb and his family.

Jeremy said, “Caleb had a full day of therapy, but sprinkled throughout were fun times of celebration. Caleb’s brother, Trey, who stepped into heaven almost 5 years ago, loved super heroes… and Caleb loved his brother very much. So today, many people at QLI wore super hero t-shirts and outfits to celebrate Caleb’s birthday!”

Caleb received more than 200 birthday cards from friends, family and people following his journey on the “Pray for Caleb” Facebook page.

As he continues to progress, he remains thankful for God’s healing hand in his life. “I believe God’s plan is for me to share the Gospel with as many people as I can!” Caleb shared. “That is an opportunity I will make sure I seize! God has already protected me from the car crash and I owe everything to Him even more than I already did.”

To follow Caleb’s journey, visit the “Pray for Caleb” facebook page at