Dr. Anthony L. Jordan

New Orleans— Dr. Anthony L. Jordan, Executive Director-Treasurer for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, of the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in New Orleans this week said the following:

“Southern Baptists have gathered for an Annual Meeting in New Orleans that has proven to be historic on a number of levels,” said Dr. Jordan. “We have elected a dynamic leader in Fred Luter, as Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) president. While he is the first African-American president in the 167-year history of the SBC, Dr. Luter is selected not because he is African-American, but because he is a great leader, preacher and pastor.”

“In addition to this historic election, my heart has been encouraged to fellowship with thousands of fellow Baptists who, like me, believe that the best days lie ahead for our denomination both here and abroad. Our unified missions efforts throughout the world continue to grow, and for these, and a host of other reasons, I am as grateful as ever to be a Southern Baptist.”

Rev. Fred Luter Jr.