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Great, short testimony from Johnny Mac

John MacArthur’s Testimony from Grace Community Church on Vimeo.

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Is your Church a truly “great” Church? Read and find out.

Anyone that has been reading leadership books in the last decade has come across the book, Good to Great, by Jim Collins.  In this book, Collins takes a look at businesses that made the leap from good to great, as well as what holds certain companies and people back from making such a leap.  He talks about a whole host of things in the book, but one thing I like that he says is, “Good is the enemy of great!”  I do not think that could...

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Panel discussion from some great men of God!

Here is some good stuff from John Macarthur, Rick Holland, Steve Lawson, C.J. Mahaney and Al Mohler…it’s an hour worth of great insights from the Resolved Conference. Listen to the entire discussion, you will be blessed! Keynote Panel Questions and Answers from Resolved on Vimeo.

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Anyone who knows me knows the high value I place on expository preaching, and this song is a clever and relevant way of communicating the powerful need we have in the church for true, solid, biblical exegesis!  May God continue to raise up a generation of pastors who truly PREACH THE WORD!  Soli deo gloria!!!

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A Prayer for the SBC’s Annual Meeting

Many are aware that the annual meeting in Orlando next week is of utmost importance in the life of our denomination.  Much has been said and written regarding the report from the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force and without question, that report will be a focal point at next week’s meeting.  With all the discussion and opinion surrounding the report, questions inevitably arise:  What will the response to the report be?  How will...

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The Baptist Messenger and its beloved writer, Walker Moore, are joining forces to produce a readers' cookbook.
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