Author: Andy Harrison

Students reveal generosity

“Generous” may not be a term often used for teenagers, but it is certainly an accurate description of the students who attended Falls Creek and the Youth Evangelism Conference (YEC) this summer. Students and sponsors at those...

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Falls Creek: Above all Else

Falls Creek exists to support the evangelistic and ongoing ministry work of the local church. Though each church typically attends only one or two weeks each summer, the effect of Falls Creek extends far beyond a few days at...

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Falls Creek: A call to the nations

DAVIS—Throughout the day at Falls Creek, multiple countries, specific people groups, schools, teachers, friends and classmates are all lifted up in prayer. The missions’ emphasis at Falls Creek is centered around prayer and the...

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Falls Creek for a New Day

If you are an adult and remember attending Falls Creek, the memories that most likely fill your mind are ones of friends, afternoon activities, Icees and the extraordinary movement of God in the services. As a matter of fact,...

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Falls Creek: New for 2011

DAVIS—Falls Creek is both constant and constantly changing. Every year, students and sponsors will recognize activities, events and schedules that are very familiar. They also get a full dose of fresh ideas and opportunities;...

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Falls Creek: Best foot forward

Each year, the BGCO conducts several regional Falls Creek Prep Meetings in late April and early May. Church leaders who are planning to bring students to the youth weeks of camp are invited to these camp orientation sessions....

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